Facebook marketplace buyer red flags to watch out for as a seller

This article will be covering some Facebook marketplace buyer red flags to watch out for as a seller, so make sure to read to the end. Facebook marketplace may offer you good opportunities to find great deals, but one must be careful to avoid getting scammed. As a seller on the marketplace, there are a few red flags to look out for, and in this article, we will be listing some of them.

Facebook marketplace buyer red flags to watch out for as a seller

The marketplace is well-crowded, you might not know who is real or not. Scammers are everywhere, and they take advantage of people but don’t worry much, we will share some red flags to look at while selling.

To avoid getting scammed, here are some red flags to watch out for;

A Buyer Wanting to Communicate on Another Platform 

One of the first red flags to look for as a seller on the Facebook marketplace is this. I am saying it is wrong to communicate outside Facebook with a customer, but if they are eager, it is a red flag. Make sure to keep all business communications on the platform.

Refusing to Meet in a Public Place 

Another red flag to watch out for as a seller on the Facebook marketplace if a customer refuses to meet in a public place. If they don’t want to meet in public, it’s because they don’t wish to be caught. Always make sure to meet customers in public places to be on the safer side.

They Send or Request a Code to Verify Your Identity 

This is a big scam to watch out for. For example, if you get a code texted to approve you’re real, don’t reply to that. Many scammers use this trick to get access to your device. That code could be anything such as a Google Voice code or a two-factor identification code.

Don’t Trust the Receipt 

Don’t trust the payment receipts they send to you. To be on the safer side, use Facebook marketplace payment or PayPal. Scammers do a lot of things including photoshopping a fake receipt for you. If you are not careful, you will likely fall victim.

When they Insist to Pay Higher for a Product 

Let’s just say you make a product, very cheap, but then a buyer enters your dm saying they will pay higher than the product is worth. Believe me, there’s a very high chance that you’re about to get scammed. It’s best to be safe than sorry.

Requesting to Pay on Delivery 

A big red flag is when a customer is asking to pay on delivery when you obviously made it clear that it’s payment before delivery. Look out for that when they are telling you they will pay when they get the product.

Claiming they Pay More than the Price 

This is one of the oldest lines they use to scam sellers on the platform. If a buyer asks for a refund claiming they sent more than the price, confirm the payment properly before taking action. Most of them use fake receipts and scam you with your money.

New Profiles 

Another Facebook marketplace buyer red flag to watch out for as a seller is new accounts. 95% of new accounts on Facebook are people claiming to be who they are not. Be sure to go through the profile of a buyer before further negotiating with them. Check for the date of account creation.

No Profile Details? Big Scam 

This is another one of the Facebook marketplace buyer red flags to watch out for as a seller. If you check the profile of a buyer and there are no details, about that mission, don’t respond, or tell them it’s sold.

Asking to use their own Payment Method 

If a buyer is asking to use a specific payment method other than the one, you’re offering, don’t proceed. It’s a big scam. They are likely trying to use methods that are hard to trace, so they can easily get away with your money.

Requesting Your Personal Details 

I mean how is it normal to ask for the personal details of someone you want to buy products from? When they request your personal details it is a big scam Decline, so don’t fall victim.


Of course, you know with VPNs we can change our locations, and many users on Facebook are using them. It will be hard to know the exact location of a buyer, but you just need to be extra careful. There are some profiles on Facebook that carry more than three locations. Those are some of the kinds of profiles to watch out for. Some users don’t reside in the locations they claim.

Asking you to Click on a Link 

Many buyers (scams) will send you a link claiming it will take you to a page of the exact product they want, don’t click it. Once you click on the link, they will get access to your account.

Asking for Your Phone Number 

Do you know a hacker can get into your account with your phone number? Well, it is possible, and many scammers start by asking for your number. It is best to keep your negotiations on Facebook Messenger.


Those are some of the marketplace red flags to watch out for as a seller on Facebook because not everyone with a profile is real. Most users are fraudsters looking for who to scam next. We hope you find this article helpful. Don’t forget to share with your friends on your social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does 🚩 mean on Facebook? 

It means that person is a bad, fake, or problematic person. Red flags are bad signals.

How can I avoid being scammed as a seller on Facebook Marketplace? 

I know one can never be too careful, but it is important to be careful on the platform to avoid getting scammed. To avoid getting scammed don’t trust receipts provided by buyers.

What should I be careful of when Selling on Facebook Marketplace? 

As a seller on the Facebook marketplace don’t share your personal and financial information for no reason. Don’t click on links, and don’t respond to messages requesting you to send a code.

Are there fake buyers on Facebook Marketplace? 

Unfortunately, there are many users on Fb that are scammers claiming they want to buy a product from you.

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