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With the Facebook Marketplace Local, Facebook has become a place where people gather to buy and sell items. It offers a conducive and amazing platform for you to sell items you no longer need at home, locally. Look around you, if you find the item(s) that you don’t need any longer, instead of allowing it to occupy space for nothing, why not place it for sale. Fb marketplace is here for you, make good use of your Facebook account, by accessing the Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Local

This write-up all tells you all you need to know on the marketplace and what we mean by the “Facebook marketplace local. So stay connected, go nowhere until you exhaust this article.

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Facebook Marketplace Local

Fb marketplace local is an act of buying and selling within your locality. Facebook market platforms bring users in the same neighborhood close through buying and selling. If you place item(s) for sale on the Marketplace, it will be shown to people in your area, who want to buy related items.

However, with the FB marketplace, you will discover items for sale in your neighborhood at affordable prices. Buyers and sellers reaches an agreement on the price and delivery. Because they stay in the same area, delivery will not be an issue.

Which item(s) can I buy or sell on the market platform? You can get clothes, furniture, accessories, kitchen equipment, car, vehicles, bicycle, mattresses, shoes and lots more. Most of the items you find on the platform are usually used items. If you want to sell an item, make sure the item is worth buying. There is more about the Facebook Marketplace Local.

For buyers, in as much as you’re buying locally, make sure you pay for items on delivery, to avoid stories that touch the heart. you might order for an item and then, you find out that the item is not good or it’s not worth buying.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is an in-built tool on Facebook, that allows users to buy and sell. The marketplace is where FB marketplace users in the same neighborhood come together to buy and sell. Launching of the marketplace on FB has put a smile on the faces of lots of Facebook users. It saves them the stress of going to the physical marketplace. With few steps on the marketplace, you’ll find items you want at a more cheap price.

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However, if you have not located this marketplace, you’re indeed missing out. Shopping locally is bae, you can ask people who are into it. Keep reading to learn more about the Facebook Marketplace Local.

Facebook Marketplace 2020

As we go into a new year, is possible to have changes on how social platform operates. And it’s also possible to have new features. Facebook Marketplace in 2020 is still the same platform you know in the previous years. The way it works is still the same way it works before. If there are new features you’ll definitely know about. The most important thing is that it has the same rules, privacy, criteria and how the platform works.

To participate in the marketplace, you must meet the criteria of Facebook. What are these criteria? You must be above 18 years of age. FB marketplace must be available in your country and you need to update your FB app to the latest version. These are factors that qualify you for accessing the marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Online – Facebook Marketplace Local

Fb marketplace online? To access the FB marketplace online you need an FB app. With your FB app, you can shop and sell items online. All you need is to log in to your FB app on your device. Locate the marketplace icon and click on it. Then, proceed to make orders or sell your items online, to people in your neighborhood.

The online platform has become the best place for buying and selling. You purchase or sell items on the comfort of your home. Is it not amazing? No need for stress, just like the stress we pass through in the physical market.

However, Facebook is an online platform with a marketplace feature, which is an added advantage for FB users. So if you have an FB account, if you are up to 18 years and FB marketplace is available in your country, what are you waiting for? Go online and cruise with the marketplace feature.

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Facebook Marketplace Community

The FB marketplace community comprises of buyers and sellers. These are the two main operators of the FB marketplace community.  The platform lets users buy from or sell to people within their community. Thus, to access the marketplace community, you must have an account with Facebook, which must be above 18 years of age, the marketplace must be available in your country.

For people to sell in the marketplace community, they will need a community-recommended badge or a very responsive badge.

Still on Facebook Marketplace Local, what do I mean by a “very responsive badge”? It means that sellers reply fast and consistently to messages concerning their listings. To get the responsive badge you need to have responded to most messages you got on the past one month within an hour.

The community recommended badge on the platform simply means that a seller has been rated positively and consistently by other marketplace users. To get the community badge you need to positive rating at least three times.

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Notification Settings on Facebook Marketplace

The notification settings on the FB marketplace is another important feature for the marketplace users. With the notification settings, users can decide whether to get alert on activities on the platform or not. The notification button when turned on, enables you to get a notice when you have new messages from the marketplace or when an item is available on the platform.

The section below will guide you on how to turn on/off notifications.

For classic FB

  • Move to your Facebook news feed
  • Tap on the down arrow at the top right corner of the page
  • Click on the settings tab
  • Click on the “Notifications” button and click on Facebook.
  • Press on the marketplace tab.
  • Click on the edit tab
  • Navigate to the notification field and click “On” or “off” tab to enable or disable the notifications.

For New Facebook

  • Navigate to your FB account
  • Find the settings tab and click on it.
  • Hit the notifications widget
  • Click on notifications
  • Tap the “marketplace” widget
  • Scroll to the notification type and tap on the On/off tab

With the guide outlined above, I believe you’ve learnt how to change Facebook marketplace notifications settings.

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