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Do you know about the Facebook marketplace rules? Do you know that the Facebook marketplace is a good place to establish yourself as a young entrepreneur? Yes, it is. If it is not the best platform presently, it should be one of the best platforms to establish yourself. Now, what do you know of the Facebook marketplace platform? Well, I like this platform very much. Do you want to know why? If you do not know, I will tell you.

Facebook Marketplace Rules

Facebook Marketplace Rules

Well, this is due to the simplicity of the platform. The Facebook marketplace is one of the numerous Facebook tools and features. With this very tool, a Facebook user will easily sell items and stuffs directly to other Facebook users right on the Facebook platform. On the other hand, other Facebook users can also buy items on this platform from sellers around their locality in the Facebook platform.

Do you know that this platform is free to use? Sellers on this platform can list items for sale for free, unlike other marketplace platforms. Well, this platform doesn’t come without some pros and cons. There are rules also that you need to know of before you can start listing items on the platform amongst other things.

What You Need To Know About Facebook Marketplaces

The Facebook marketplace is not yet available to all regions with access to the Facebook platform. This platform is only available to 50 countries around the globe. These regions are scattered all over the globe across Asia, America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. You must be 18years and older before you can list and purchase items on this platform. This Facebook feature is available on Facebook mobile apps and desktop PCs. On this platform, you can sell and buy almost anything you want but not everything.

The Facebook Marketplace Rules

For you to be able to list items for sale on the Facebook marketplace platform there are some rules you need to know of. These are the rules governing sellers on the platform and they are as follows;

  • On this platform, you cannot sell certain items. The items you cannot sell on the Facebook marketplace are alcohol, event tickets, unsafe supplements, adult products or services, tobacco products, weapons and ammunition, adult products, digital media, gift cards. Health care items, illegal and prescription drugs.
  • Posting of before and after pictures is prohibited on the platform.
  • Description of items must match the product image.
  • The product you are listing must be a physical product.

These are the rules governing the Facebook marketplace. So therefore before you think of making use of this Facebook feature you need to know of these rules and avoid going against them.

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