Facebook Marketplace Seller red Flags to Watch Out for as a Buyer

Wondering if it’s safe to use the Facebook marketplace? Well, it is very safe, however, there are some Facebook marketplace seller red flags to watch out for as a buyer. Even though Facebook Marketplace is backed up by the social media giant, it is still important to be careful when it comes to shopping on the service.

Before using the service, there are some common red flags to look out for as a buyer. We already wrote an article about the red flags for sellers to watch out for, so be sure to check it out. Back to what we were saying, one can never be too careful when it comes to using a digital platform for shopping, which is why we will be listing some signs to watch out for.

 Facebook Marketplace Seller red Flags to Watch Out for as a Buyer

To help stay safe on the platform, we have put this guide for you when shopping on the platform. In this article, we will be listing the common Facebook marketplace seller red flags to watch out for as a buyer, so keep reading.

Low Prices for Expensive In-demand Items 

When you feel an item is too good for the price offered, it is a red flag, don’t proceed. For instance, you know the normal price a product is worth because it is in demand, but then find a listing on the marketplace selling it at a very cheap price, it is a scam. Don’t go with it, you’re about to get scammed.

They Request to Meet at Your House 

Hello? Why will a seller be requesting to meet at your house? It is a red flag when they are asking to meet in your house rather than a public setting. It is important to always make sure business transactions are done in public places.

Fake Seller Profile 

One thing I do before making a purchase on the Facebook marketplace is to go through the seller’s profile, and if the profile is not to my liking, I don’t buy. If you check a seller’s profile and find no normal activity on it, it’s likely they are using a fake account. Always trust your gut when it doubts something, you will be glad you did.

You Can’t see the Item Before Purchasing 

First off, why will you purchase an item you haven’t seen a picture of? It is very normal to want to see the item you are paying for, and if a seller refuses, they are probably hiding something. Only pay for the items you can see on the listings and extra pictures.

They Direct you to a Different Website 

If they are directing you to a different website using a link, don’t click. Many scammers can hack into your phones using links. Once you click, they get access to your device and personal information stored. Make sure to only negotiate purchases using Facebook Messenger.

Counterfeit Items 

Another red flag to look out for is fake products. With scams claiming to be sellers, if a product is broken, then it is counterfeit. Be suspicious when an offer is too good for an item. Truth is, everybody is looking for a bargain, but the offer is just too good, be careful.

Google Voice Scam 

Many scammers on the platform use this method to scam people. After they agree to buy an item and move to another medium to communicate, they suddenly ask sellers to verify themselves, claiming they just want to be safe. They generate a two-factor authentication code from Google Voice and ask you to send it back to them. Don’t send that code because it will be used to gain access to your device.

Fake Giveaways 

Many scammers are using the Facebook marketplace to post fake giveaways requiring you to click on a link. When you come across such, don’t click on the link. It is a red flag to watch out for as a buyer on Facebook Marketplace.


When a seller is trying too hard to convince you to buy a product without thinking, it is a red flag. That is what scammers do. If you notice a seller trying to pressure you to buy a product urgently, don’t proceed because that product could be broken, counterfeit, or stolen.

Asking for a Different Payment Method 

Another red flag to watch out for as a buyer on the Facebook marketplace is a seller asking for a different payment method other than the regular one. There is no way a genuine seller will ask you for payments in gift cards, and cryptocurrency, so when it happens make sure to report and block them.

No Receipt 

Who sells an item with no valid receipt? Request for receipts when making a purchase on the Facebook marketplace because many of them sell stolen products. This is one of the most common scams in the marketplace. They steal products and offer them at affordable prices without a receipt because they just want the item out of their hand.

The Seller’s Email Address has Been Cited as a Fraud 

If the seller provides an email address for you, before taking it further check the email on Google. By so doing, you will be able to see if the email is associated with the fraud.

Multiple Listings of the Same Item 

Before proceeding with a purchase check the seller profile, and if you see multiple listings of the same item, it is a big no. That’s a red flag. They are frauds, so don’t fall victim to the con. When you see such a profile, make sure to report it so others don’t fall victim.

They Have a Well-structured Explanation of why the Product is low 

When you ask why a price for a product you know to be expensive is selling at a low price, they give you dictionary explanations. Don’t buy from them, because you will fall victim to their lies. They could come up with lies like, “Oh it’s my sister’s and she ask me to sell it off at any cost”.

A Seller Changing the Price 

If the seller changes the price of an item once, you have inquired about the item if is available is a big red flag. Scammers on the Facebook marketplace mostly use cheap prices to get your attention, and afterward, they change it. This is a red flag so don’t proceed.


It is important to be watchful and careful when using the Facebook marketplace. In this article, we have mentioned some Facebook marketplace seller red flags to watch out for as a buyer. We hope you find this article helpful.

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