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What is the Facebook marketplace and what is used for, one may ask? Well in this post I am going to be straight with you. The Facebook marketplace is one of the main features of the social media network that makes it worth using. This feature is a place where Facebook users can easily and conveniently buy and sell to other Facebook users.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

If you are a retailer and you don’t know what the Facebook marketplace is and how it works then you really should read this post. Since the introduction of the marketplace feature, more users have opted to make use of it and also have preferred making use of it. Personally, I have shopped on the platform and therefore I know of the many benefits users will gain from making use of it also whether you are buying or selling.

Setting up an online shop is easy and convenient. But on most platforms, you will be shred more when setting up shop with them. But with the Facebook marketplace, this is not so. The feature on Facebook is actually free and cheap when compared to other platforms and that is why it is preferred to other platforms.

How to Access the Facebook Marketplace

The marketplace feature on Facebook is and can be accessed easily. Anyone can access this feature and the plenty of benefits it has to offer. But there are some things that first need to be in place. In a bit, I will be sharing these things with you so you have nothing to worry about.

First, you will need to have a registered Facebook account on the platform. This is because the Facebook marketplace is a feature embedded within the network. And it can only be accessed whether you are buying or selling if you have an account. If you, therefore, do not have a Facebook account and would love to make use of the feature, you can create one for free. To easily create a Facebook account,

  • Go to facebook.com on your device.
  • Click on the ‘create new account’ option.
  • Fill in the registration form on the next page by entering the requested details.
  • Lastly, click the sign-up tab or button.

Your account will be created immediately. Note: you will have to verify your account to successfully create your account. But there is something worth noting here. If your account on Facebook is a new one or you just created it, you may not be able to access the marketplace.

You will also need to be in a region with access to the feature in order to make use of it. The feature is not yet available to all regions with access to Facebook. Therefore if you do not find the marketplace icon on your account, it simply means that the feature is not yet available to your region.

How to Locate the Marketplace Feature on Facebook

Now that the major pieces of information about the marketplace feature have been shared, I think it is high time that I show you how to access the marketplace tab and feature. The marketplace feature is a tab and this tab can be seen on your Facebook account page. The marketplace icon is located at the top of the Facebook page. To access the feature fully, you will have to click on this tab. And on the marketplace page, you can now either buy items from other Facebook users or make a listing.

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