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Facebook security Settings is made up of some features offered by Facebook, to help you protect your account. As a user, you can stay safe and secure on Facebook, and explore ways to increase your account security. 

Facebook Security Settings

Facebook Security Settings

Facebook is a very vast platform. On this platform, there is nothing one cannot do. I mean you can literally do anything you want on the platform without having to log out of your account. You can buy and sell, play games, send and receive money and so many more on Facebook. and this is one of the reasons why a Facebook account is so valuable.

With the latter in the previous paragraph being said, keeping your account on Facebook safe should be a top priority. In this post, you will be directed on how to access the security settings page on Facebook. And also how you can best secure your account on the social media platform.

These features, are made up of a combination of automated and manual systems, which can help you detect scams before you notice them. Facebook offers top-rate security measures, put in place to help secure you and your data when you use Facebook. 

Facebook Security Settings Tools 

Some security setting tools on the Facebook platform include;


Facebook password, secures your account from unauthorized use and safeguards your personal information on the Facebook platform. With the tight Password, you are sure of having sole access to your account. 

Two-factor Authentication

These features, keep others, from logging into your account. Once you turn on two-factor authentication, you’ll be prompted to key in a login approval code, each time you access your Facebook account from a new phone or computer. 

Account Deactivation &  Deletion 

If you want to put your Facebook activities on hold, to enable you to concentrate on other things, you can deactivate your account. 

Trusted Contacts 

With the Trusted  Contacts feature, you can select friends to contact if you ever need help getting back into your Facebook account. 

Where You’re Logged In

Facebook Settings grants you access to log into your Facebook account from different computers and phones at the same time. From whatever device you’re logged in to, you have an active session. 

Logging Out 

It is advised, you make sure you log out once you are done if you are using Facebook on a computer or device that you share with other people, to stay secure. 

Unfriending & Blocking 

If you desire to stop someone from bothering you, you have the option of either unfriending or blocking whoever it is bothering. Those you unfriending, or block won’t get notified. 


Note; Spam can either be a post, a message, or even a friend request. 


People can sometimes create fake websites that look like Facebook and ask you to log in, you are to be wary of this, as this is used as a medium to try to steal usernames, passwords, and other info. 

Information Requests 

Government officials sometimes make requests for data on people who use Facebook as a medium for official investigations. Most of these requests relate to criminal cases, such as robberies or kidnappings. 

Login Alerts 

Facebook offers login alerts to help you be on the lookout for suspicious activities on your account. Facebook is always on the lookout for activity on your account that looks suspicious, and once any suspicious activity is suspected, you’ll be alerted. They also have tools you can turn on to get alerts about unrecognized logins. 

Facebook Security settings keep your account safe and keep hackers at bay


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