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Facebook status enables you express yourself, and say that unique thing you have in mind, as you post on Facebook. Your Facebook status can comprise of selfie, updates etc. Facebook status, can either be a funny or serious ideas that can garner a lot of likes and comments on your page.

Facebook Status

Your FB status, gives you the avenue, to say something interesting on your page every day. With FB status, you enjoy this no 1 social media platform, (Facebook) with your friends, living near or far and keep them updated with what’s happening in your circle.

Benefits of Facebook Status

  • With Facebook status, you can write compelling contents and materials, to maintain the recognition level on the Facebook social media platform.
  • Facebook status, once it is interesting and fascinating, can arrest the attention of other users, and keep them glued to your page.
  • Facebook status, is considered the most attractive and fascinating activity on the social media platform.
  • A good status, helps you create an active social media account connected to any activity or field.

With the teaming, hundreds of millions of people, who engage on the Facebook social media platform, keeping up with friends, has become easier than ever before.

How to write a Facebook Status

Writing interesting and compelling FB status, is pertinent, if you want to arrest the attention of other Facebook users.

Two ways, are adjudged to be the best way  of writing good FB status. They include the following; (1) Writing an interesting status (2) Writing a  controversial Facebook status, that will stir up emotions from your friends on Facebook. Let’s see how we can do this.

  • On your Facebook page, there’s a little box, that reads “What’s on your mind”.
  • The answer you give to that question  appears in the news feed of your active Facebook friends.

More On FB Status

  • With this question, you can say something interesting and captivating, as your answer. It is very important, that you write interesting updates, which have great potentials to make online attention and recognition. Once you write a compelling FB Status, the attention of other Facebook users, will be arrested, and you can also ultimately, promote your business activities, services and products, if that is what your Facebook page is all about.
  • Get controversial online, by using extraordinary Facebook status updates, that have extraordinary potential, to draw the attention of people who love to talk. Once you update this controversial status, your Facebook friends, will start sending in their comments and likes in response, to what you’ve posted. This, gives your Facebook audience, the chance to speak and contribute on the subject matter.

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