Facebook Streamer Dashboard Link – How to Stream Games on Facebook


Facebook is one of the top social media platforms it is also surprisingly one of the top gaming platforms we have on the internet. Facebook has introduced games to its platform for a long time and its gaming segment is picking up Steam as days go by.

Facebook Streamer Dashboard Link
Facebook Streamer Dashboard Link

If you are a new streamer or an aspiring Facebook streamer that wants to be successful you must have access to your Facebook streamer dashboard link. This is simply the link that gives you access to your dashboard as a Facebook game streamer.

Facebook Streamer Dashboard Link

On this guide, you will have all the information you need on how to become a Facebook game streamer and also how to access your dashboard using the link. As a streamer, you do not need to first of all log into your Facebook then sign in to gaming and follow all the tedious processes before getting to your dashboard.

All you need is simply your Facebook streamer dashboard link that will take you directly to your Facebook gaming dashboard as a streamer.

Facebook Game streamers

Just like the way people stream games on YouTube Facebook is equally providing a place on earth where streamers can go to stream games on Facebook. Anybody looking to start a Facebook gaming career can see please share the extreme why going live with their friends family and other Facebook people. Although streaming games on Facebook is just in the infant stage someday it is going to be one of the first places people go for streaming games.

Since Facebook already has lots of games written on Facebook itself it becomes very easy to become a Facebook streamer. You do not need to search for games to know or look for particular titles that people will like and start streaming. This has already been done for you by Facebook all you have to do is to assess the platform.

How to stream games on Facebook

Streaming games on Facebook is not as difficult as you might think it is. It does not require any special settings or features. It is one of the simplest and most straightforward processes I have ever talked about. However, for the clarity purpose let’s take a look at the process below:

Facebook Streamer Dashboard Link

If you have already become a Facebook game streamer and you have gone live before or you want to go live it’s important to have access to your dashboard link. Your dashboard link can easily be saved as a bookmark to easily access your streaming interface on Facebook without a sweat. You should know that your Facebook streamer dashboard is the most important thing to you as a Facebook game streamer.

As a Facebook streamer you can use your dashboard for the following and more:

  • Go live or test your broadcast
  • Update your stream information and so on.

To visit your dashboard here is the link – www.facebook.com/gaming/streamer.



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