Facebook’s Notifications Texts: Facebook Notifications | Stop Facebook Notifications


Facebook’s notifications texts are notifications that are been sent to you as text when you are not online or logged in on Facebook.  Facebook’s notifications texts are sent to you if anything on Facebook involves you.

And these include once you get tagged in a photo, or your photo gets liked, they commented on your post, or you get mentioned in a comment. Now, this text notification on Facebook is very good, because it informs you about things that happen on Facebook without you accessing the Facebook platform.

Facebook’s Notifications Texts - How to Stop Facebook Notification Text

Facebook’s Notifications Texts

This is how Facebook always gets users informed about activities that happen on Facebook. But not everyone on the Facebook platform likes this feature. Some users take it as a disturbance, so they don’t like it when they get notifications about Facebook activities. While other users want to keep their activities on Facebook secret from anyone.

So they want to stop receiving text messages from Facebook. Now because of this, questions have arisen in the Facebook platform and this notification text is one of them. So today I will be telling you how you can stop the Facebook notification text been delivered on your phone.

But before you can get full information about it, you must keep on reading this article, only then can you understand better. I will like to remind you that before you can make any changes to your notification’s field you must first of all login to Facebook, which I may confess a lot of users on Facebook don’t know how to.

Steps to Login on Facebook

Here are the steps outlined below to direct you on how you can log in to your Facebook account without having issues or any kind of stress;

  • Access the Facebook app or site.
  • Just simply type in your email or phone number in the first empty box.
  • After that, also then type in your password in the second empty box.
  • Now you can hit the login or sign in button and you will access your Facebook account.

This is how you can access your Facebook account.

How to Stop Facebook Notification Text

Well if you want to stop the Facebook notification text, then just read the steps below, it will direct you how to;

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Then click the down arrow icon at the top of your screen or three lines at the top of your screen.
  • After that select settings.
  • A new page will display, click Notifications.
  • Now you will see four options on a new page.
  • If you want to stop notifications text on your mobile.
  • Simply click the edit button beside it and then turn it off.

This is how you can stop your Facebook notification text.


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