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This blog will be giving lots of information about FairMoney Banking and Loans, and most especially the required information you need to know about them. FairMoney digital bank gives instant Loans, with no collateral needed. And you can get loans up to one million naira. a bank account with free transfers, a debit card for spending, and more. Read this article for more information.

FairMoney is building the leading mobile bank for emerging markets. They are unique, thanks to their international exposure and their impact-driven mission. They bring financial inclusion to underbanked people in emerging markets! and built a new type of credit led by digital banks.

FairMoney Banking and Loans

People need loans to fund their businesses or for personal reasons, they offer them when they need them with no collateral to make their lives easier. They cannot access those services from traditional banks. They are passionate about improving access to financial services in the emerging world and go into exceptional depth to understand their client’s pain points.


FairMoney Banking and LoansFairMoney MFB, a digital microfinance bank that is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) provides financial services. They hire smart and ambitious team members to make their vision a reality for millions of people in Africa and Asia. Tech product and design, operation, risk.

FairMoney Products

Below are some of FairMoney’s products:

  • Payday loans: FairMoney payday loans are designed to provide monthly overdrafts to the staff of companies, ministries, parastatals and other establishments.
  • Education: Any Salary earner, self-employed of professional public and private companies, students, government sector employees including public sector is eligible for a personal loan.
  • Business: The loans help businesses to cover cash flow payments when due.

Those are some of FairMoney’s products you need to be aware of.

FairMoney Loan interest rate

Having knowledge about fair money loans before you take the loan is a very good and smart idea. You can access a FairMoney loan in the range of 1,500 naira to 500,000 with durations for loans up to 60 days and above. The monthly interest is also about 10%-30% monthly. The process does not incur any additional fees or hidden costs when processing your loans.

The Amount of FairMoney Lend you for the First Time

FairMoney is an automated online money lender that makes sure they provide single payment loans, installment loans and payroll loans for borrowers. The amount borrowed is then deducted from your account. Their minimum loan amount is 10, 000 naira and the upper limit for newbies is 40,000 naira. Collateral or guarantors are not needed.

FairMoney Debt Advice

There are various independent agencies that will provide free, impartial advice if you are struggling with debt. The Government’s Money Advice Service Website is a Good Place to look and they have made available some other websites.

You have to give this a big and deep thought, and also take advice before securing debts against your home as your house may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayment on debts secured on it.

If you are at risk of losing your home, include Citizens Advice, Step Change Debt Charity, Shelter, and Wales, the Housing debt Helpline.

Benefits of FairMoney Banking and Loans

Here are some of the benefits of FairMoney Banking and Loans we need to know about before you apply for the loan:

  • Fast Loan approval process within the space of a minute
  • Convenient repayment plan
  • No collateral
  • No guarantor

Above are some FairMoney Banking and Loans we need to be aware of.

FairMoney Banking and Loans Eligibility Criteria

These are the FairMoney Banking and Loans Eligibility criteria or requirements to know about before you take the loan:

  • Valid bank Details
  • BVN number
  • Mobile device
  • Complete the application

The following are the FairMoney Banking and Loans Eligibility Criteria.

How to get an Instant FairMoney Banking and Loans

Now the first thing you need is either an Android or an iOS Device and a BVN. That’s all! Download the FairMoney app from the Google Play Store or App store. Sign Up with the phone number linked to your BVN, answer a few questions and confirm your identity to receive a loan offer. If you accept it, you will receive your loan instantly in your preferred bank account.

FairMoney – Banking and Loan App

The FairMoney – Banking and loan app is available on iOS and Android devices. New users to find interested in downloading the app on this different device should kindly check out the instructions in the next section. The process is fast and simple. Download today!

How to Download FairMoney – Banking and Loan App on your iOS Device

The instructions below are provided to give you directions on you can download FairMoney – Banking and loan app on your iOS device:

  • Make sure your iOS device is fully charged and your internet connection is fast and strong.
  • Locate your ‘App Store on your iOS device.
  • Tap on the search icon and search for ‘FairMoney – Banking and loan app’
  • Click on the ‘GET’ button.

The installation process with taking a little of your time so you have to exercise patience.

How to Download the FairMoney – Banking and Loan App on your Android Device

The easy given directions below are to take you through the process of how you can download the FairMoney – Banking and loan app on your Android device stress freely:

  • Get connected to a strong and quick internet.
  • Then navigate to your ‘Google Play store on your android device.
  • Click on the Search icon and search for ‘FairMoney – Banking and loan app’.
  • Tap on the ‘Install’ button.

You need to wait for some time so the installation process can quickly be completed.


How do you pay for FairMoney?

They have made it even easier to repay your FairMoney loan. Simply Select ‘Bank Transfer’ as your preferred payment method to see the unique providus Bank account number assigned to your account only. You can make payment into this account via transfer or at any bank.




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