Farmers Insurance: Insurance Quotes for Home, Auto, And Life


The farmers insurance is the fifth-largest home insurer and seventh-largest auto insurer in the country. This includes various types of other insurance products as well as financial products such as mutual funds and annuities.

Farmers Insurance is well-rated for its pricing and discounts, ease of filing a claim, website transparency, financial strength, complaint data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Let’s see about Farmers Insurance.

Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance offers standard coverage choices for auto insurance, in addition to several types of optional coverage, include:

New Car Replacement

If your new car is totaled within the first two model years and 24,000 miles of ownership, Farmers pays to replace it with a new one.

Loss of Use

When your car is in the shop or totaled after an accident, Farmers reimburses you for a rental, cabs, rideshares, or public transit. Most companies’ coverage only pays for a rental car.

Customized Equipment Coverage

If you have custom parts installed in your car, such as chrome rims or a new stereo system, this option expands your policy to cover those parts if they’re stolen or damaged. You must have comprehensive and collision to buy this coverage.

Accident Forgiveness

One accident is forgiven, meaning your rate won’t go up if you have one, for every three years you drive without an accident.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Coverage

This pays for replacement parts from your car’s manufacturer if you’re in a covered wreck, rather than aftermarket parts, which are cheaper. You must have collision and comprehensive coverage to opt-in, and your car’s model must be within 10 years of the current calendar year.

BRideshare Insurance

Companies such as Uber or Lyft typically provide limited liability insurance for drivers while the app is

on, with full coverage that kicks when you accept a ride and have passengers. Farmer’s rideshare insurance extends your personal auto policy to fill in the gaps, providing coverage between rides, so you’re always covered during your rideshare job.

Farmer’s Auto Insurance Discounts

This varies with each state but may include:

  • Good driver discount.
  • Discount for driving an alternative fuel vehicle.
  • Discount for being part of a professional group.
  • Discounts if your car has certain safety or anti-theft features.
  • Multi-vehicle discount.
  • Teen driver discount.
  • Discount for paying for your policy in full.
  • Continuous coverage discount for starting a policy with no recent lapses in auto insurance.
  • Multi-policy (bundling) discount.
  • Good student discount.
  • Discount for a driver under age 25 in your household.
  • Discount for being a homeowner.
  • Distant student discount for a child at school at least 100 miles away without regular access to your vehicle.
  • Electronic payments discount.
  • Discount for completing a driver safety course.


This is a program that uses a smartphone app to monitor your driving behavior. You’ll receive a 5% policy discount once you download the app and start using it, and at your next policy renewal, the discount can increase up to 15% or more based on a driving score calculated by the app. The discount can also decrease based on your driving score, and the program is not available in every state.

Farmers Home Insurance

Farmers Homeowners has offered three basic packages; Standard, Enhanced, and Premier. But each has customizable limits for standard options. Standard policies include the typical homeowners coverages and are designed for new homeowners, while Enhanced and Premier policies have perks more established homeowners might appreciate.

The company calls them Farmers Smart Plan Home policies, and regardless of which level you choose, each includes:

Claim Forgiveness  

This waives a surcharge if you go five or more years without filing a claim.

Declining Deductibles

Each year your policy is in force, Farmers takes $50 off your deductible.

Cosmetic Damage Repair

This is included when you file a claim for functional damage.

There are other individual options you can add to any Farmers homeowners’ policy if they are available in your state:

Identity Shield

This feature includes identity theft coverage and assistance replacing documents.


Receive up to $25,000 for extra costs to repair, replace or rebuild your home with environmentally friendly materials after you file a claim.

Contents Replacement Coverage

When an item in your home is damaged or destroyed, you receive reimbursement for the value of a new one.

Farmers Homeowners Discounts 

This varies by state but may include:

  • Discounts for recent heating, electrical, or plumbing upgrades.
  • Newer home discount.
  • Roofing materials discount for installing impact-resistant roofs.
  • Several home safety discounts for installing or having items like burglar alarms, fire alarms, fortified windows, and more.
  • Nonsmoking discount.
  • Discount for being part of a professional group.
  • Multi-policy discount.
  • Claim-free discount.

These are the Farmers Homeowners policies that are available for coverage.

Farmers Complaints and Customer Satisfaction

Did you know that Farmers had fewer than the expected number of complaints to state regulators for auto and home insurance relative to its size, according to three years’ worth of data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners? Yes, this is true!

Farmers Insurance Mobile App

Mobile app: You can pay your insurance bill, update payment options, get your agent’s contact information, view your policy details and get access to your digital insurance ID cards when you need proof of insurance. You can also report claims and request roadside assistance. Or you can use the Farmers website. It connects you with an agent, get a quote, report and track claims, and pay your bill on the Farmers site. You’ll find ample resources to help with your claim, as well as a checklist of what to do in a car accident.

Farmers Life Insurance

Farmers offer terms including, whole and universal life insurance policies. Farmer’s Insurance pros and cons.


  • Many coverage options for home and auto insurance
  • Fewer complaints than expected, as compared to its policies.
  • They offer lots of discount services


  • Mixed scores for customers satisfaction

Farmers Insurance is one of the best and largest independent insurance with many discount offers. Also, they have a good customer service support team. To get more information about Farmers Insurance here.

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