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FB Marketing is what I will be discussing in this article. FB Marketing also means Facebook Marketing. Before now MySpace was at the top of social media networking. By 2008, Facebook took over MySpace in users’ increase and on coverage across the globe. Today Facebook has billions of users globally and it’s the website that is most visited on the Internet, giving companies a unique privilege to meet with their potential clients.

FB Marketing

What is FB Marketing?

FB Marketing simply means to actively use or create a Facebook page to relate and maintain contact with and attract clients. Facebook makes this possible giving you an enabling platform to create a business page or individual profile for your organizations, any group trying to establish a fan base for a product, an individual profile, band or service.

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Who uses Facebook Marketing?

A website as big as Facebook with billions of users is the ideal platform for any business owners. It functions just like your business page and it’s easy to create. No matter the size of your business, sure a large number of your customers are Facebook. This makes it the ideal platform. Of course, FB Marketing is accessed by:

  • Personalities – people that make their money by popularity will always want to be known and seen by people especially on Facebook.
  • Non-profit organization – this comprises of political groups, charities, and public service campaigns can leverage using the face capacity.
  • Brands – restaurant, electronics, food, home goods. On Facebook, you can turn passive customers into active customers that can follow brand development and news of promotions. Also, those that can share the brand to their own friends and family. Just any kind of brand can be promoted on Facebook.
  • Local businesses – Facebook page can be used to change local customer’s base to an active fan-based than those that mostly visit the store. This includes businesses that are a franchise of a big company or a family-owned business.

The next question is what kinds of customers is FB Marketing good for? Although, lots of Facebook users are users age 18-34 and slightly more of the users are women. Facebook is majorly viewed from mobile phones and computers as well. This makes the market have a variety of segments.

However, Facebook Marketing is most effective for brand and company pages, posts that are published in the morning gets more comments that those post in the afternoon. It varies depending on the targeted audience.


FB Marketing Page

The FB Marketing Page is the business page on the platform. To maintain familiarity with your clients every business needs a business page on Facebook. This page will be liked by your customers and each client that liked the page Facebook will post the events on their profile. And this will be seen by all their friends. One may ask, how can I create this business page? I will show you, it’s very easy, just follow the steps below:

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile phone or on your computer or go to www.facebook.com.
  • Log in to your account
  • On the page, click on the three dash lines at the top of your news feed page
  • From the options display, choose the “Pages”
  • With the Web option, click on the “ create “, at the top of the screen.
  • From the drop-down menu choose “Page”
  • Choose the page type
  • Name the page, add contact details, address and any business details
  • Then, you make a profile and cover photos for the business page.
  • When you are through, scroll down to the “Create Page” button.

Another important aspect of FB Marketing is about being consistent. If you create a Facebook page and abandoning the page makes no sense. To attract more clients fans, a regular post of new content matters. Content on different formats thus will make more people like and share the page. Your content can highlight a particular product, people, share fun facts, announce upcoming business promotions, gives incentives codes for discounts, and anything that will catch the interest of your fans.

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