Find a Friend on Facebook – Facebook Look for a Friend


It is no new thing about the number of people on the Facebook platform. You see, the users are just so much that you can find it difficult to find a Friend on Facebook. Facebook over recent years has been said to have more than a billion users. However, Facebook has a means and way of looking for friends.

Find a Friend on Facebook
Find a Friend on Facebook

Find a Friend on Facebook

But first of all, tell me, can you look for a friend on facebook? Whether your answer is yes or no, I would suggest you read this article to the end. Upon your reading, I would love to let you know of the fact that this article is only a guide to let you look for a friend on Facebook.

A lot of people have tried several times to look for a friend on Facebook. However, they just got discouraged provably for one reason or the other. Now some of the reasons are that they do not know how to. They might have the mindset, but they do not necessarily have the step of procedures to do so. I mean that moment when it seems as if you are lost or you do not know where to start. Not minding that fact, I will show you some steps to on Facebook Look for a Friend

Look for Friends on Facebook

There are several ways to look for friends on Facebook. You can do that via the people you may know section and you can search for them manually. To search find friends via people you may know;

  • Tap on your friend’s requests icon and hit “see all friend requests”.
  • Scroll down the page and you should leave the friend’s request section and you would be seeing the people you may know tab.
  • Simply tap on the user profile link and then on the “Add Friend” button to add the user as a friend.

How to Add Friends By Searching for Them

If you want to add friends by searching for them, then follow the steps below. However, you must acknowledge the fact that you must know the username of the friend on the platform first. Most people actually use their real name as their username so you should not have problems with that.

  • Log in to your Facebook account on
  • Not locate and tap on the search bar on the platform.
  • Enter the name of the user you are searching for and hit the search button.
  • To filter your search, click on any of the filter searches.

You can tap on groups or pages or people or posts to filter your searches to them respectively.


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