Florida Car Insurance


Florida Car Insurance

Florida Car Insurance: Florida drivers face some of the highest auto insurance premiums in the country. According to data from Quadrant Information Services, the average annual cost for the state-mandated minimum coverage is $1,094.

The average cost rises to $3,467 for full coverage, including collision and comprehensive insurance. These rates significantly exceed the national averages of $640 for minimum coverage and $2,311 for full coverage, placing Florida among the most expensive states for car insurance, alongside New York and Louisiana.

Several factors contribute to these high premiums. The prevalence of severe weather events in Florida and the large number of uninsured drivers both play a role. Due to these risks, some insurance companies choose not to offer policies to Florida drivers.

Best Car Insurance Company in Florida

We have analyzed the best car insurance companies that you can get in Florida. Here is our top pick for you.

Geico: Ideal Car Insurance for Digital-Savvy Drivers in Florida

Geico is an excellent car insurance option in Florida for those who prefer utilizing digital tools and self-service options rather than engaging with an in-person agent. The company offers a highly-rated mobile app and a comprehensive website, allowing policyholders to manage their policies, make payments, and file claims online with ease and without needing agent assistance.

Geico’s mobile app and website are designed for seamless self-service, enabling customers to handle most insurance-related tasks independently. Additionally, Geico is known for offering some of the most competitive rates for minimum coverage in Florida, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious drivers. The company also provides a variety of discounts, including those for multi-vehicle policies, safe driving, and military personnel, helping to further reduce costs.

Geico is particularly suitable for drivers who value the convenience of self-service options and competitive pricing, though it may not be ideal for those desiring a more personal touch from local agents.

Why Progressive Made Our List of Top Car Insurance Companies in Florida

Progressive may not always offer the lowest rates, but its benefits can justify the cost. The company is known for its robust digital tools, which streamline the process of finding the best auto insurance in Florida. One standout feature is the “Name Your Price” tool, which generates coverage options tailored to your budget.

Additionally, Progressive’s website allows users to compare rates from various companies, enhancing transparency and ease of decision-making. This user-friendly approach contributed to Progressive’s above-average ranking in the J.D. Power 2023 U.S. Insurance Digital Experience Study in the shopping category.

Another notable feature is Progressive’s Snapshot telematics program. This program tracks driving habits and can help customers save on premiums by rewarding safe driving behaviours.

Who should consider Progressive: Progressive is well-suited for drivers who may not be well-versed in insurance coverage options or who seek a quick and straightforward purchasing experience. The “Name Your Price” tool is particularly beneficial for those looking to match coverage to their budget. Additionally, the ability to compare competitors’ rates directly on Progressive’s site makes it a convenient option for those wanting to ensure they are getting the best deal.

Allstate is a Top Car Insurance Provider in Florida

Allstate has earned its place among the top car insurance providers in Florida. Thanks to its high rankings in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction and the 2023 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. While Allstate’s premiums may be higher on average, the company offers several programs to help reduce costs.

One such program is Drivewise, Allstate’s telematics initiative that rewards safe driving habits with potential premium discounts. Additionally, Allstate’s Deductible Rewards program decreases your collision deductible for each year of safe driving, providing further savings.

Who Should Consider Allstate: Allstate is an excellent choice for Florida drivers who value exceptional customer service over lower premiums. The company’s strong performance in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction and claims satisfaction studies suggests that Allstate policyholders generally experience high levels of satisfaction with the service provided. If you’re looking for a reliable insurer with a focus on customer care, Allstate may be the right fit for you.

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State Farm Stands Out as a Top Car Insurance Choice in Florida

State Farm earns its place among the top car insurance providers in Florida for several compelling reasons. If you’re seeking affordable car insurance in Florida, State Farm is a strong contender. Alongside competitive average full coverage premiums in the state, State Farm offers a wide array of potential discounts that can further reduce costs.

One standout offering is State Farm’s Steer Clear program, which is particularly beneficial for parents with young drivers. This program not only helps mitigate the typically higher premiums associated with young drivers but also promotes safe driving habits.

Who Should Consider State Farm:

State Farm is an excellent choice for budget-conscious drivers in Florida. Moreover, individuals who prefer personalized service and face-to-face interactions may find State Farm appealing, as the company boasts numerous agencies throughout the Sunshine State. If affordability and accessibility are priorities for you, State Farm’s extensive network and discount programs make it a compelling option.

How Much is Car Insurance Cost in Florida

In Florida, the average annual cost for a full coverage car insurance policy is $3,467, while the minimum coverage averages $1,094 per year. These figures are notably higher than the national averages for 2024, which are $2,311 for full coverage and $640 for minimum coverage.

According to Bankrate’s analysis, Florida is among the most expensive states for car insurance, with full coverage premiums 36% higher than neighbouring Georgia, where the average is $2,554 per year.

Several factors contribute to these elevated premiums in Florida. The state’s extensive 1,350 miles of coastline make it particularly vulnerable to severe weather events such as tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes, which in turn drive up insurance costs.

Insurance Company Average Full coverage amount Average Minimum Coverage Amount
GEICO $2,969 $937
Progressive $2,792 $1,279
State Farm $2,993 $981
Allstate $3,868 $1,104

How to Get the Best Car Insurance in Florida

Unsure which insurer to choose? Here are some guidelines to help:

Identify Your Requirements. Determine what you need from a car insurance provider, as everyone’s priorities are unique. For instance, one individual might seek excellent customer service and discounts for low mileage, while another may look for affordability and an efficient mobile app.

Conduct Thorough Research. While the options mentioned here are reputable, you should investigate other potential insurers as well. Ensure any company you consider is financially sound, has minimal customer complaints, and provides the necessary coverage at a reasonable cost. You can also review our comprehensive list of auto insurance evaluations.

Explore Smaller Insurers. Regional insurance companies might offer more competitive pricing and superior customer service compared to the larger, well-known firms. You might need to consult a local independent car insurance agent to discover these lesser-known options.

Regularly Compare Quotes. Make it a habit to shop for car insurance quotes annually, particularly if cost is a key factor for you. Insurance rates fluctuate frequently, so a company that offered the best rate last year might not be the most economical this year. Obtain quotes from at least three different insurers, ensuring you use the same or similar coverage options and deductibles for a fair comparison.


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