Fortnite Developer Epic Games Sues Apple and Google After Ban


Fortnite Developer Epic Games Sues Apple and Google After Ban! This is one of the latest trends on the internet. The Fortnite-maker, Epic Game, is currently taking legal actions against Google after being banned from the Google Play Store, after doing the same with Apple.

Fortnite Developer Epic Games Sues Apple and Google After Ban

Apple and Google companies removed the amazing game, Fortnite, from their app stores; why? Epic Games bypassed their payment systems, in order to avoid these companies taking their cut sales. Both tech giants take 30% off purchases on their app stores.

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The search engine giant, Google, stated that it runs an “Open” system and would work to restore the Fortnite game back to its app store.

On Android phones, app stores apart from Google Play are fully available. So, it is fully available on the Epic Games official website and the Samsung Galaxy App store, which makes it less restrictive than Apple.

What Happened?

Fortnite’s latest updates came to light in order to give players a 20% discount on its in-game currency V-Bucks. However, they would only get this huge discount if they paid directly to Epic and not via Google and Apple’s payment system. Fortnite Developer Epic Games Sues Apple and Google After Ban

This update actually broke the rules by both company app stores. This led to the Apple company removing the Fortnite game from its app store, which left players with no way to install games and new updates. Hours later, the app also dropped down from the Google Play Store.

What is in the Court Case?

According to BBC NEWS, documents in the US court show that the game developer, Epic Games filed a complaint against Google. This happened in a court in a court in California, just as it also did to Apple. This complaint actually refers to the compulsory 30% Google usually takes from purchases in its play store, similar to the Apple company. Still from the BBC NEWS, Epic’s statement also went further saying “Google Has relegated its motto to nearly an afterthought, and is using its size to do evil upon competitors, innovators, customers, and users, in a slew of markets, it has grown to monopolize”.

Currently, Epic Games has reached out to the phone-maker, OnePlus to make the game available on their devices. However, “Google forced OnePlus to renege on the deal, citing Google’s particular concern about Epic having the ability to install and update games while bypassing the Google Store”, Epic also said. It also said that LG had also revealed its contracts with Google prevented it from adding Epic Games software to its devices.

What Does the Epic Games Developer Want?

Epic Games says it would love to change the mobile app stores, in order to be fairer for all developers. In both the Google and Apple court documents, it says it does not want compensation or favor for itself. Fortnite Developer Epic Games Sues Apple and Google After Ban

in a press briefing, the company stated that it has processed direct payments in a total of over $1.6bn, which excludes Google Play and iOS purchases.


Officially, Fortnite has posted a tweet that its app is unavailable on Google Play, and “more information is forthcoming soon”. Piers Harding-Rolls, a Games analyst from Ampere told the BBC that the company made tens of millions of dollars each month on mobile platforms such as Apple’s iOS. Fortnite Developer Epic Games Sues Apple and Google After Ban.

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