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FreeConference call provides a large conference calling service for free. It comes with many of the major features and tools you find with paid services, including web management, call recording, and calendar integrations. Also, the service allows users to host online meetings for free.

FreeConference Call

FreeConference Call

Freeconference service is a great option because of how easy it is to navigate. You can sign up in seconds and be hosting conference calls shortly after that. It’s because of these aspects, and more, that is our choice as the best free conference call service.

FreeConference Call Pricing

Unlike some services that tout their product as free but add charges for even basic features, lives up to its name. You can access the system and all of its main features, including audio conference calls, web meetings, screen sharing, and call recording, for no cost anytime.

Recently, instituted a “pay what you can” option. The company is requesting suggested donations for the service, but you can still use even if you do not make a monthly donation. has a paid business plan StartMeeting. This costs up to $9.95 per month for an account it takes up to 10 users. For those who have more than 10 employees or need enterprise-level services, StartMeeting asks you to contact the company for a custom package.

Another package is Advertising. Advertising differentiates the free plan from the paid plans. If you use the free plan, meeting attendees hear an ad for each time they log in to a meeting. Also, there are ads on email invites sent to meeting participants. Paid-plan users can replace the branding with their company branding. Also, the paid plan allows for a custom experience with greetings and custom on-hold music.

There are several add-on features that businesses can purchase. If you want to provide your meeting participants with a toll-free number to dial into the meeting, the charge is 3.9 cents per minute. You can also get a personalized number that doesn’t require access codes for $3.95 per month. Custom greetings and on-hold music are each $2 per month, and you can purchase additional cloud storage space for meeting recordings starting at $3 per month.

There are no contracts with, and your account never expires. You use the same account for an unlimited number of conference calls and online meetings.

FreeConference Calling Services

Both the free and paid plans from are reservation-less services. While you can schedule meetings in advance, it isn’t required with this service. If you need to host an impromptu meeting, you can do so – 24/7.

Free Plan’s free plan comes with the essential features and tools for a business conference call service. The service is easy to sign up for, meetings are easy to schedule, and the system, whether you use it for an audio call or online meeting, is simple to use.

With the free plan, you can host audio or online meetings with as many as 1,000 participants. Of the free services, we considered, this has one of the largest caller maximums. If you need to host a meeting with up to 50,000 participants, contact’s large meeting services team who will arrange that for you.

Signing up for the service takes seconds. You create your free account by entering your email address and choosing a password. You’ll immediately receive a confirmation email that includes your conference call telephone number, access code, and host PIN. It also includes your online meeting ID, your playback number, and a brief overview of how to host your first call.

After you are signed up, you can log into’s online portal. From there, you can send out invites to your meetings. The invitations include the dial-in number, access code, date, and time of the meeting, and you can add any notes you want the participants to know about the meeting. From the email, participants can automatically download the meeting details to their calendar.

Paid Plan

While you can access nearly everything has to offer in the free account, there are some benefits to their paid plans.

The biggest benefit of the paid plans is that there is no advertising. With the free plan, each participant who dials into a meeting hears a message saying the meeting is brought to you by, and there’s company branding on the meeting invites, too. With the paid plan, you can create a custom greeting and add your branding.

The paid plans also include several features that free plan users would have to pay for if they wanted to use them. Paid-plan users can upload their own hold music for when callers are waiting for a meeting to start. Other features paid users have access to, depending on the plan they choose, include custom branding, a dedicated account manager, training, an active directory, and single sign-on. Pros

Clearly, the biggest benefit of this conferencing service is that it is free. If you don’t mind advertising on your calls and email invitations, you will have no problems with this free service.

When hosting a call, you can control the meeting from your account’s online meeting wall. You can see who is on the call, mute callers, pause the meeting, record the meeting, and drop callers from the meeting.

If you aren’t in front of your computer, you can complete these tasks from your phone’s dial pad. For example, pressing *9 starts recording the meeting, and *5 mutes all the call’s participants. Then, if individual callers need to speak, they can press *6 to unmute themselves. Other dial pad controls include *1 to manage Q&A sessions, *2 to hear a caller count, and *3 to create a breakout room.

We also like that you can change various settings for your conference calls. You can turn on entry and exit tones so you know when callers are entering and leaving the meeting. Additionally, you decide if you want callers to announce themselves when they enter the room if meeting participants can enter the room before the host and if a call can continue after the host leaves. You can also control whether an attendance list displays in your web portal, whether meetings automatically record, and whether you want to be prompted for a code when the meeting begins.

All calls can be recorded for free, and you can record the entire meeting or just a portion of it. When the meeting is over, the recording is automatically stored in your account. All users receive 1GB of free storage. You can purchase more storage for a small monthly fee.

With an access code and reference number, which are sent after every call, you can listen to the meeting. You can also download the recording and listen to it from your computer or email it to others.

In addition to traditional audio-only conference calls, allows clients to host online meetings for no cost. The online meetings support video conferencing and screen sharing. offers local numbers in more than 60 countries worldwide; integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Slack, Dropbox, and Evernote; provides a secure and intuitive desktop app, and has a mobile app for iPhone and Android mobile devices. From the app, you can manage all of your conferences, allowing you to control your audience with ease. Cons

There’s not much we don’t like about, especially for a free service. The biggest downside is that it doesn’t offer operated-assisted conference calling. This type of service has an operator who can plan the call, greet callers when they join in, manage Q&A sessions, and share recordings and transcriptions after the call is complete., however, isn’t alone in lacking this type of hands-on service. Most of the free services we looked into don’t offer operated-assisted services and the ones that do charge for them.

Customer Support

The customer support offered us was exceptional. To test the level of customer service, we contacted the company several times posing as a small business owner interested in conference calling services.

We were impressed at how accommodating and helpful the representative we spoke to was. Some free conference calling services don’t offer phone support.

The representative answered all of our questions in detail and thoroughly explained the differences between the free and paid plans. He didn’t try to pressure us into signing up for the paid options. Instead, he recommended that we the free version since we could easily switch to a paid plan if the need arose. offers customer support 24/7. You can reach the company by phone or online support ticket. In addition, the website has helpful training materials, including answers to FAQs and user guides.

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