Fuelman Cards and How it Works – How to Apply for Fuelman Fuel Cards

Well, if you are looking for the best place to get information about Fuelman Fuel Cards you are in the right place at this time on the web. Most people don’t know about Fuelman Fuel Cards but that is not an issue you just have to go through the content to understand everything in the aspect of Fuelman Fuel Cards.

Fuelman Fuel Cards
Fuelman Fuel Cards

Talking about Fuelman Fuel Cards, before I go deep into The Fuelman Fuel Cards you will have to know how and what Fuelman is all about. Moreover, Fuelman is a FLEETCOR subsidiary that distributes and also produces different types of fuel cards that are used nationwide at Fuelman card-accepting locations.

Fuelman Fuel Card

If you are looking for the perfect fuel card for your business growth in positive ways, you may consider Fuelman because of the extensive coverage and range of flexible fleet cards they offer customers. To pay for electric vehicle (EV) charging in the world today Fuelman Inc introduced a solution that allows fleet customers, to reimburse employees for at-home charging and accurately track all EV charging events.

As businesses add EV vehicles to their fleets the new solution is available to all Fuelman customers. By offering cards that are accepted at both local commercial fuel stations and the national level, retail gas stations, and truck stops Fuelman differentiates itself from other fleet cards.

You can pay for gas, repair service, and in the Fuelman network of gas stations and convenience stores across the US supplies with any of the Fuelman fleet cards. They offer you plenty of control—customize spending limits and restrict access control as much or as little as you want, and Cards can be topped up with regular money.

Fuelman Cards and How it Works

Fuelman cards let you repair services, pay for gas, and at a range of gas stations other supplies, and convenience stores across the US. A Fuelman card can be topped up with regular money, and preset with customizable spend limits and restrictive access controls. Pumping between 1,000 and 5,000 gallons per month a Fuelman card is ideal for fleets of vehicles.

you will receive a Fuelman card when you reserve a university vehicle.  The Fuelman Cards works like an ATM card.  your own personal pin number will also be received by you.  Pull up to the pump and fuel your vehicle — you then must pay inside the store.  your personal pin number will need to enter and your vehicle mileage.

Types of Fuelman Cards

If you have a problem with the types of Fuelman cards to use that you will be glad to see what will be listed below. So, if you are probably wondering which of the Fuelman fleet card is right for you take a brief look at each of the four types:

  • Public Sector Fleet Card: This type of card is the best in government sectors for non-profit fleets and businesses. It offers rebates, special tax reporting, simplified accounting, and added control over fuel spending. On the number of monthly gallons pumped receive up to a 5-cent rebate per gallon depending.
  • Deep Saver Fleet Card: This type of card is best in cities for mixed fleets that pump gas. On diesel, users save 8 cents per gallon and 5 cents per gallon on unleaded when they pump at any of the 40,000 sites in Fuelman’s Discount Network.
  • Simple Saver: This type is best for interstate freight businesses, especially if you have a heavy fleet pumping diesel at truck stops. On purchases at Pilot Save up to 10 cents, Speedway, and Kwik Trip, and at other locations up to 2 cents.
  • Universal Premium Mastercard: This type is best for businesses that need a universally accepted fuel card. Wherever Mastercard is — in other words, this card is accepted, across the nation at roughly 160,000 stations.

Those are the four types of Fuelman cards. So, you can choose from the four the most preferable ones you know will be the best for you to use.

How to Apply for Fuelman Fuel Cards

Are you looking for a way to get yourself a Fuelman fuel card? If you are looking for the best way to apply for Fuelman Fuel Cards you just have to follow the steps below for you:

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Use your computer or your mobile device to open any web browser.
  • On the web browser, search bar type Fuelman.com then click on the search bar.
  • The Fuelman page will open up and scroll down gently.
  • You will see gat a Fuelman Fuel Cards and below Apply now.
  • Click on apply now the next page will appear where you will choose the type of card you wish to apply for.
  • When you have chosen the card, you wish to have you will ask to fill in you Business Name, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone number, and Zip Code.
  • After that, you will be asked to accept all the terms below the things you just filled above then click on continue to complete the remaining process.

Those are the things you need to do in other to apply for Fuelman Fuel Cards, you just need to follow the steps above.


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