Gerber Baby Food – How to Shop for Baby food at Gerber


Gerber Baby Food is a great formula for your baby from an earlier eater to a grow-up child. Gerber baby food is in varieties for babies from 4months to 1 year all in different forms.

Gerber Baby Food
Gerber Baby Food

As a newborn mum, choosing a formula for your baby can be so tasking. With Gerber baby food whether you are searching for the first formula or you are thinking to switch brands, Gerber baby food comes in a range of formulas and for different types of tummies.

However, there is nutrition for your little baby at each stage of growth. There range from  Newborn (0-4 months), Supported sitter (4-6 months), sitter (6-8 months), Crawler (8-12 months), Toddler (12+ months), and preschooler (24+ months).

Gerber Baby Food Review

Gerber baby food is the product of Nestle company, with the mission to keep a high standard on their products. Over the years of existence, they are known for excellence. However, they have vowed to uphold that standard hence they grow everything they use for production.

Gerber baby food is very rich in nutrients and is made in forms. There are ones rich in supplements and vitamins, there are ones in the formula for newborn babies 0-4 months, Baby cereal, snacks, meals and sides, beverages, and organic.

Gerber Baby Food stage 1 to 3

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and World Health Organization (WHO), says that a baby should have exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of age. So, Gerber baby food stage 1, is baby food for babies from age 0-4 months.

These are formulas that are very close to breastfeeding. There are called Gerber Nature’s elect. They include products like Gerber good start gentle pro ready to feed infant formula, concentrated liquid infant formula, the gentle pro 2 powder infant formula, gentle ready to feed infant formula, etc.

Also, another set of Gerber first foods comes in fruit this includes, including bananas, apple pears, peaches and Prunes. Others in vegetables like carrots green beans, and peas. These baby food are formulated according to the developmental stage of the child and to offer the best nutritional value the child requires.

  • Gerber Organic 1st Foods
  • Gerber Natural 1st Foods (Pear)
  • Gerber Organic 1st Foods Single Grain Cereal

Gerber Organic 1st Foods

Gerber organic 1st baby foods is a classic baby food brand and its seen as the best budget-friendly baby food.

Over the years they’ve maintained the status of being the most affordable baby food brands in the market. They have a wide variety, of organic baby food and others. Gerber organic is USDA organic, Non-GMO and free of added sugar.

Gerber Natural 1st Food (Pear)

When baby start eating solid food especially with food that have dairy or iron-fortified cereal, they get constipated. Gerber Natural 1st foods(pear) is best baby food for constipation.

Food like Pears, plums, prunes, and peaches are good options to help your baby bowel to be free.

Gerber Natural 1st food pear is made full of fruit since baby loves fruit. The product is made with Non-GMO ingredients and pears with no added sugars.

Gerber Baby Food stage 2 Cereal

These are cereals for baby from age 4 upward, it’s a single grain starter when a baby is ready to start solids. The cereal offers the required iron that baby needs.

When you introduce Iron-rich infant cereal and baby food to your supported sitter. It’s necessary to know when to begin and the necessary food for health and development.

There are different forms, oatmeal single-grain cereal, DHA, and Probiotic rice cereal. Also, organic Oatmeal, organic Single grain rice cereal, single grain rice cereal, oatmeal, and  Gerber Rice cereal.

Shop for Baby food at Gerber

When shopping at Gerber for baby food online at shop for various baby food of your choice and by your baby’s age.

On the website, you will see on the right-hand side top bar, Shop. Tap on it to drop down the menu, you will get various Gerber baby food.


The formula has different food under like

  • Everyday Feeding
  • Tummy troubles & Colic.

Supplements And Vitamins

  • Drops
  • Gummies
  • Maternal


  • Single grain starter
  • Sitter
  • Crawler & Toddler

Baby Food

  • Glass Jars
  • Plastic Tubs
  • Pouches


  • Grains & Bakery
  • Melts & Yogurt
  • Teethers


  • Organic beverages
  • 100% Fruit juice


  • Meals options
  • Sides


  • Organic Cereals
  • Organic Baby Food
  • Organic Snacks
  • Organic Beverages

These are the various categories to shop your baby food at



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