GM Lawsuit against Ford: Ford Asks Court to Dismiss GM’s Lawsuit Over ‘BlueCruise” Driver Assist Feature


In a recent development, ford has filed a motion to the US district court in San Francisco asking to dismiss the lawsuit from its auto rival GM over fords new BlueCruise self-driving feature.

GM Lawsuit Against Ford

Just the previous month, GM had filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Ford, claiming that the ‘BlueCruise’ was too close to its own hands-free driving tech ‘super cruise’ which was introduced in 2017 as well as its autonomous vehicle subsidiary cruise.

GM Lawsuit Against Ford

In the motion filed by ford. They said that the term ‘cruise’ has been in ‘ubiquitous use’ over the past 50 years in referring to driver-assist features in automobiles. It is understood by customers that the term cruise refers to a feature in their vehicles that performs part of the task of driving or simply assists in driving and therefore they do not associate the term with any of the company brands. The company argued in its complaint

Filed in the lawsuit on July 23rd, the automobile company GM said that the two companies have been in protracted discussions over the name, but due to some reasons, an agreement was not reached.

In its complaint, GM said ‘ford knew exactly what it was doing’. The company also added that if ford “wanted to adopt a new, unique brand, it easily could have been done without using the word ‘cruise.’”.

What Ford Had to say

In April, ford announced BlueCruise as the name for its own hands-free driver assist feature in its vehicles. The company further went on to say it would be pushing the feature through an over-the-air software update to a number of selected vehicles this year.

In an email to the verge on Saturday. A spokesperson for Ford said that the company considered the trademark claims by GM ‘meritless and frivolous’. He also added that drivers for decades have understood what cruise control is, every automaker offers it, and cruise is common shorthand for such features. Ford in addition to have the case by GM thrown out, has petitioned the US patent and trademark office to rescind GM’s trademark of ‘super cruise’ and ‘cruise’.


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