Gmail Draft – Fastest way to Create Draft Messages | How to Send Gmail Draft

Gmail Draft

Gmail Draft is an unsent message saved using a draft system label. The draft can only be replaced but cannot be edited when created. On the platform, you do the following, create a new draft, delete a particular draft, get a particular draft or send a specific draft.

Gmail Draft

Fastest way to Create Draft Messages

Key into the directions below to create a draft message.

  • Go ahead and create a MIME message that goes with RFC 2882.
  • Then convert the message to a base64url encoded string.
  • Finally, create a draft, and set the value of the message.raw field to the string you encoded.

How to Save Draft

To save Draft in Gmail on your phone, follow these directions displayed below.

  • Click on the Gmail app on your phone to access it.
  • Move over to the compose field and compose your draft.
  • Click on the  “cancel” tab and then save.

To Delete

  • Hold on the compose message tab, then swipe left to delete the draft.
  • You can click on the “open” widget to continue or finish up your email and then send it.

How to Send Gmail Draft

To send a draft, there are very important steps you must take. The steps below show how to send a gmail draft on an Android device

  • Get your Android device and launch the Gmail app.
  • Scroll down to the right corner and tap on the “compose” button.
  • Where you see “To” just Key in the recipient/recipients. On the “Cc” and “Bcc” field, you can as well add a recipient to it.
  • Proceed to the “subject” button and include the subject.
  • Go ahead and write a message
  • Move to the top and click on the send icon. The send icon is usually in an arrow form.
  • To Backup the email, send the draft to your email.

How to Send Draft Email Saved on Web

To locate the email you saved on the Web, all you need to do is to go to the Web and open the draft folder.

  • Scroll to find the message you want and click on it to continue composing.
  • But if you can’t edit the content automatically, you will have to edit the message draft as needed and then send it.

If you read the above content, you will find out that creating and saving a draft on Gmail is very simple and am very simple, with these guidelines provided you are set to go.

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