Google AdWords Campaign: How to Set Up A Google AdWords Campaign


Google Adwords Campaign is a set of related ad groups that are usually used to organize categories of goods and services that one offers. The campaign is often centered on a goal to align with the major thing you want to achieve from your campaign such as; Sales or website traffic.

Users will need at least one campaign setting so before. A well-structured AdWords account is a must-have if you want your ad spend to turn a profit. The foundation of a well–structured account.

Google AdWords Campaign


Google AdWords Campaign

Lately, I have been centering on the Google AdWords platform and why you should get started on it. many businesses and organizations are now advertising their products and business digitally.

And if you have still not yet started advertising your products digitally then you are really behind on things. Your competitors are using Google ads today and meeting up with the demands of the industry. And this is more reason you should set up a Google AdWords campaign today. keep reading to learn of the benefits of the platform and how you too can get started with it today.

Benefit Of Google Adwords Campaign

Some of the benefits of setting up a google ads campaign include;

  • Google Adwords Campaign set tour max cost per sale. offers online advertising for all businesses seeking an incredible increase to their site traffic and also getting more transactions on their website locally or globally. It is an ideal platform for a one-person marketing team,
  • Identify and locate your Prospects, understands how your prospects shop for products shop online if you have a shot at targeting them via
  • With Google Adwords no keywords to choose from, no online marketing strategies needed, and no ongoing maintenance, making one spends less time on advertising and more time with your customers.
  • Google AdWords helps you identify competitors strengths and weaknesses
  • To be successful with Google Adwords create a compelling offer and a strong call to action, or otherwise, you may end up with few clicks on your ads or worse, a lot of clicks but few sales
  • Improve website copy, design, and layout
  • Carry out accurate testing and tracking of your Adwords campaigns
  • Campaigns set up by device type, mobile device usage is on the rise so many clicks will come from mobile devices. So it is good to categorize campaigns by device type

Lastly, Set up a navigation keyword list on the search network

How Google Adwords Campaign Works

Before you get started with setting up your own campaign on the Google AdWords platform, here is how the platform and its services actually work.

  • Create your ad by starting to write an ad that informs people about your offer. And next, choose which business category best describes your business and set up a monthly budget. Then your ads are set and ready to go live
  • People get to see your ad on Google. When people search and what your business offer, your ad can appear above or below the search results.
  • You then have more clients. Whenever people click your ad, they will see your website or your free “Google My Business” page. Therefore you can be contacted directly, above all you only pay when people click or call.

How To Set Up Adwords Campaign

To set up a campaign on the google AdWords platform, follow the steps below;

  • Sign in to your Adwords account.
  • Click on the campaign button
  • From the drop- menu, select the campaign type you want to use. Select ‘Search Network with display select’
  • In your campaign setting, give your campaign a name
  • If you like to change your campaigns type, click on the drop-down menu type, then choose a campaign subtype, Such as ‘standard or all features’
  •   Make your choice of the following settings, languages, locations, Bid Strategy, Budget Ad extensions

Lastly, click on ‘Save and Continue’. Note: you can edit your campaign settings at any time.


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