Google Business Listing: How to Set Up Google My Business Listings


Google Business Listing is a business listing in the Map that is usually seen at the top or middle of Google’s first-page results when you go search on Google. These listings tend to show up when you search for a keyword that comes with a Specific city, State and Country.

The Google Listing helps to grab viewer’s attention and increase how you rank in local Google search results. Google Listing has to do with Google My Business. 

Google Business Listing

Google Business Listing

What is a Google business listing? I know that it has been explained in the previous paragraph, but do you understand what it is yet? For the benefit of those who still haven’t grasped the whole concept of the google business listing term, here is a better explanation.

Google business listing is a feature that allows users to list their products and business online for free. With this, their businesses and product listings get to pop up on search results whenever a person makes a search relating to their business.

The Importance of Google Listing

The importance f this google business feature cannot be overemphasized. But just in case you still haven’t bought into the google business listing concept, here are some of the benefits of making use of this tool and google feature.

  • Google Business Listing is essential for Local SEO as it enables your business listing to appear in local search for queries specific to your products or services.
  • Listing control your information and service offering, at least it helps you to put your basic business information in Google’s Local Search Index.

Google has recently started a campaign to recruit users as ‘local guides’, rewarding them when they rate and review local businesses. 

How To Submit Google Listing

The procedure of submitting your listing is very simple and straightforward. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • You open an account in ‘Google Local Business Center’ and complete the information needed.
  • Then, claim and verify your local business on Google Listing. Make sure your profile is 100% complete with your business information such as email, business hours, payment options, services, Coupons, Photos, and Videos.
  • You can upload up to 10 photos and link up to 5 YouTube videos. Ensure that you complete the profile with as much information as possible;  this shows Google that you are an active business and that your listing is the most relevant for the specific keyword being searched. If you are in a competitive market, look at your competitor’s listings, see how much information they make available, and make sure to at least expand on the opportunity they have missed out on. 
  • Optimize your Google Listing by adding your businesses in other places besides Google local. Some of the sites and directories where you can add your business are Yelp, LinkedIn, Canpages, Yellow Pages, Weblcal, Gigpark, Ziplocal, and Praised to mention but a few. 
  • Analysis the competitor citations and replicate them, send them to the same sites so they can be recognized under your site as Citations as well. 

Lastly, combine the citations with reviews input directly into your Google local listing and other reviews from authority sites in your industry niches. That is, Tripadvisor, Homestars, Yelp are mostly picked up by Google and displayed in the Maps. 

How To Track Your Google Listing

There are various channels to track your Google Maps listings sends to your website such as follows;

  • Log in to the Google Local Business Center Dashboard. 
  • Tracking your listing traffic using a dedicated profile within Google Analytics. This will show what keywords people are using to find/click on your local listing in the Universal Map.
  • You can change the predefined search engine with Google Analytics simply by adding the following line of Code. ‘pageTracker._addOrganic(“maps. google,”dq”):

Or create a new profile and add a filter that accounts for traffic coming from the Maps. google.

  • Go to the Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Analytics settings > profile settings
  • Add a Filter
  • Select Predefined Filter
  • Include only – traffic from domains that begin with
  • Domain maps\. Google
  • Select Custom Filter, instead of predefined filter
  • Select include
  • Go to the Filter Field
  • Select Referral
  • Filter patterns: maps\.google.

All this means that business owners must attract the most potential visits to their sites, they must ensure that they are exposed online maximumly.


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