Google Dashboard Analytics – How Google Analytics Dashboards Can Make Your Life Easier

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Google Dashboard Analytics is the collection of widgets that gives you a quick overview of your data. It is a visual view of the important data you need to make good decisions and also achieve your goals. Thus, the platform brings all your important information on one screen to enable you to view all the data once.

Google Dashboard Analytics

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Google Dashboard Analytics

With a dashboard, users can go beyond standard reporting in Google analytics. Do you know that you can have about 20 dashboards with 12 widgets for each property and view them in your Analytics account?

Google Dashboard

Google Dashboard is a software that provides details of all your activities on the Internet. On this platform, users can view your bookmarks, Apps, password, settings, history, and many more.

How to Create a Google Analytics Dashboard

Follow the directions below to create one

  • The first step is to log in to your Analytics account.
  • Navigate to the “customization” button.
  • Select the “dashboards” tab from the menu.
  • Tap on the “create” tab at the left corner of the page.
  • A dialogue page will appear, where you have to choose between “blank canvas (without widgets) and “Starter dashboard (with widgets)  the second option is for people who are creating a custom dashboard for the first time.
  • Proceed to give your board a name, most especially if you have plans of creating more dashboards for different information.
  • Scroll to the “create Dashboard” tab and click on it. And the board will appear.

The starter dashboard has a widget like users, new users, sessions, sections by browser, bounce rate, revenue, etc.

Google Analytics Custom Dashboard

In analytics, you can create a custom dashboard in your Google analytics to enable you to see important data as soon as you access your account. You will be learning how to create a custom analytics dashboard, so you can make data-driven decisions, boost your conversation and promote your business.

How to Create a Custom Google Dashboard Analytics

Just like the procedure we used above, follow the same procedure

  • Sign in to the analytics account
  • Find the dashboard button and select it
  • Hit the red create box.
  • On the new page Select the “blank canvas” button
  • Give your dashboard a name
  • Then, Press on the create Dashboard tab.

Your dashboard will likely come with one or more widgets. The types of widget you might likely see are as follows bar, table, metric, pie, timeline and Geomap

How to Add a Widget

Seeing the widget above, to add any of them, this is what you will do. Select the “metric” widget  Proceed and name it “users”

You can decide the data that Google analytics should collect, you might want it to collect new sessions data only. To filter information, go to the bottom part of the page and select the “add a filter” tab. When you are done tap on the save button beneath. Your widget will be included in your custom analytics dashboard

How to Copy a Dashboard

Follow the steps below to copy a Dashboard.

  • Go to the dashboard button and click it.
  • Choose the “New dashboard” tab.
  • Click to view the dashboard you want to open.
  • Tap on the “share” box.
  • Copy the link shown.
  • Paste the link in a new browser tab.
  • Select the profile you want the board to appear or you can change the title.
  • Then click on the create link.

That is how you can easily copy a Google Dashboard Analytics.


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