Google Accidentally Lets Home Smart Speakers Listen to House Sounds


Google Accidentally Lets Home Smart Speakers Listen to House Sounds! Ever heard of this before? A Reddit user got a notification on his phone from this smart speaker, which notified him that his smoke alarm was going off while he was cooking. Normally, these Google Home devices respond only to the “wake words”, which are “OK Google” or “Hey Google”.

Google Accidentally Lets Home Smart Speakers Listen to House Sounds

But it looks like things have turned around! The smart speaker is now listening to passive sounds. Other users out there also made reports of getting alerts for sounds of glass breaking, and other pitched sounds like alarms and the rest of that.

What is Happening?

According to Protocol, a spokesperson from Google mentioned that this was feature was enabled by accident through a software update. However, things have been reversed. Although this feature provides you with more security, it is still a way for less privacy. Well, Google has remained adamant about this and says that the only way its smart speaker listens to a user is through its wake word.

Well, according to INDEPENDENT, arising questions would come up about what else Google will monitor in the future – most especially since all that stand as an obstacle against users is their reluctance to read Google’s privacy policy.

Smart Speakers Now Listen to Anything!

The search giant, Google, is not the only company having this feature; Amazon’s Echo speakers also added this feature in the year 2018. This is known as Alexa Guard. As well as it listens to noises, Alexa also checks out for the whispers of people. And if there are, it will respond quietly than normal.

However, users have to enable the Alexa Guard feature whenever they want to, rather than being on all the time.

Well, this is not the first time Google has activated microphone features that its users did not know about. In the year 2019, the company installed a hidden microphone feature, but the addition had been left off the box and the product’s web page because of an “error”.

What is Google Saying?

Google said the addition was “never intended to be a secret”. But customers realized that these users could be listening to them until the search giant announced the update that would allow it to make use of the Google Assistant.

Until then, stay tuned on our blog to get more news on the latest update from this tech giant, Google. Google Home Smart Speakers.


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