Google My Business: How to Create a Post on Google My Business


Google My Business, is a free website offered by Google to those who wish to create a simple, free website for their business and enables you easily make, and launch your business profile in minutes, using your business information from your business profile.

Google My Business

Google My Business

It gives you a platform, where you can inspire customers, and keep them in the know, as you share your current news. Offers as well as updates right from your Business profile, using text, photos, and video posts.

Google My Business Features

Some feature of the google my business platform includes;

  • Insights: offers “Insights” or analytics, data, which shows just how, and when customers are looking for your entries.
  • Upload photos and videos: You can upload photos and videos via Account, to show off some of your best products and services.
  • Accessible Interface: Has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Google My Business Benefits

Making use of this platform and its services may be very beneficial to your business aspirations. Some of the benefits of the google my business platform are;

  • It has the potential to help you reach new customers who otherwise may not have heard of you and helps you pass the right information across
  • Signing up on Google My Business is free, and only takes only a few minutes
  • Once you sign up on a Google My Business account, you can turn all your Google reviews into a two-day conversation.
  • If your business, is such that takes appointments, Google My Business, gives you the access to take bookings online
  • On the platform, you can create “posts”, or pieces of content, which search users, will see when they evaluate your business.
  • Gives you a competitive edge over your competitors, and enables you to rank higher in business search results.

How to Create a Post on Google My Business

To create a post on Account, to enable you effectively sell what you are offering do the following;

  • Click open the “Google My Business” app
  • Next, click on “Home”
  • At the bottom right corner, click on the “+” icon
  • Then, click on “Create Post”

 If you do not want to add a photo, click on the skip option, to skip to the next stage

  • Then, create your post. You will see options, to add photos, videos, text, events, offers, you are to tap on each field, to key in any relevant information.
  • Click on the “preview” link to see a preview of your post
  • click on publish, to get your post published.

That’s it. Your business post will be published immediately and made public to whoever you want to see it.


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