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Google My Business Websites are on the increase, therefore Google has officially launched its Website Builder within Google My Business to assist small businesses easily create a simple striking websites in just few minutes. It’s that easy, you can create and edit your new website from your computer or your phone. 

Features of Google My Business Website 

  • It is free to use
  • Users get a custom domain name (at the end with additional charges) 
  • It is automatically updates
  • It is mobile friendly 
  • The site can be manage on your move phone 

Take note, that one is required to verified listing on Google My Business to be able to use the website builder. 

How To Create A Google Website 

  • Creating a Domain with Google Website Builder – this platform and service are free, however, it is the best to buy a domain with Google domains than the default URL. But if your budget is not enough still try the normal domain but it will appear less memorable to users, not appealing such as your company your own site takes simple steps such as; including create, edit and publish, now that you choose your domain and edit, then setting your site live. 

Also, to buy a custom domain, you must click ‘’ Buy a domain’ you then publish your site. The buy domain will prompt up when you publish your site. Purchase domain can also be chosen via your accounts settings menu.


However, if you already have a domain name, it can be use for your new Google site. Or alternatively, you can log in to your hosting business account to  choose a redirect link. Or by contacting your hosting company inform them to direct the existing domain to the Google site. Once the redirection is complete, your existing domain must point to the URL for the new Google site. You can see your new URL website by doing the following: Return to Google’s website builder, from the menu, select website, create new website account, in the toolbar on the left hand side of the page, cliin settings


  • Choose an appropriate theme for your business website – you can choose the best front, and color scheme for your business branding, edit different aspects, such as description, headline and body Content. 
  • Include High quality images, Videos and Virtual tours of your company. This includes uploading videos, pictures and every Information you think is necessary on your website. 
  • Information from your GMG listing is automatically embedded – relevant information is automatically embedded from your Google My Business listings, such as business hours, contact info, Google map and photos. It also gives vital information as needed such as special offers. Posting timely updates concerning upcoming events, new products and special offers thereby staying connected to your customers 
  • Use the edit tools to customize your website – it is necessary because the earlier you learn to edit, the faster you can change things. It will help you learn more about the edit feature, and it will make your site to enjoy the full benefits. When you edit your site, you can customize your design themes, photos and text. 

Finally, it is free, it does not require you to pay annual or monthly payments for web hosting. Google My Business is free. It means that if you are new in business you need not worry about the cost of web hosting. Your customers will find your business when they search your address name, the product or service that you offer or when they search you through Google maps. Google My Business Websites Builder is easy to create and it takes only 10 minutes. 


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