Google News – How to Download the Google News App

What is Google News? That is exactly what we would be talking about in this article. I am very sure that after reading this article to the end, you would have a comprehensive memory of information on what Google news is. For starters, Google News is an aggregator news app that was developed by Google. Today, this app is available on both iOS and Android devices.  The purpose of this app is to support journalists.

Google News

Google News

This platform can also be accessed on the web. The beta version of this app was later released by Google in September 2002. The official app was later released in early 2006. This simply means this app has been around for over ten years now.

Google News

Analytics shows that as of 2013, the platform was watching over fifty thousand news sources. There were also versions for more than sixty regions and twenty-eight languages in 2012. This app focuses on giving you both top world and local news headlines. They ring the news world to the comfort of your device. With this, you never have to miss out on any news. Even when an artist releases a new song, you would be notified almost instantly. There are a lot of benefits that come with this app. With this amazing app, you can always stay up to date.

Google News Help

The platform help center was designed for anyone who is having issues with the platform. As the name suggests, you can make your complaints or describe your issues to get help. The official help center can be accessed at When you visit this page, all you have to do is use the text field provided for you.

Features of Google News

Like I have said before, this platform helps you stay up to date. The tab labeled “For You” makes it very easy to stay updated on everything that you care about in one place. You would also get briefing updates throughout the day with five daily news that the platform has organized for you.

  • Ability to Go Deeper on Every Story: The “Full Coverage” feature on the platform allows you to get a complete picture of how the story is reported from a variety of sources. With just one click on your device, you would see headlines from different sources, videos, and local news reports. You also get to see frequently asked questions.
  • Get access to Your Favorite News and Magazines: there is also a tab designed that makes it easy for you to find and follow sources you trust. You can also browse to discover new sources and follow them. The magazine’s titles and contents are organized in a mobile reading format just for you.

Those are some of the features of Google news.

Google News App

Like I said before the Google news app is available on both Android and iOS devices. These devices get equal features. This means there is no need to get a specific device just for Google news. For the Android app, it can be downloaded from the Google play store while the iOS app can be downloaded from the app store.

How to Download the Google News App

Here are the steps to download the app for your device;

  • Open your device app drawer and launch the Google play store or app store respectively.
  • When the store opens, hit the search bar and search for “Google News”.
  • You would now be directed to the app page on your device.
  • Simply scroll down to find the install button and click on it.

After downloading, the app would be automatically installed on your device. You can sign in with your Google account to sync your preferences.

Google News Web

Like I also said before, there is also a web application for this platform. It can be accessed at On this website, you would see a lot of customization options for the headlines you want to see. I hope, you love the article, simply bookmark our site to stay updated as we post every day.

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