Google Play Music – Download the Google Play Music App on The App Store for Free


Have you heard of Google play music? Or better still first of all asked, are you using a smartphone? If you are using a smartphone with a Google play store in it as a default app store, that means you undeniably have access to operate and use the google play music platform. Google play music is an online music streaming service operated by Google.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

This program is available for Android devices, iOS, and devices with web browsers. The play music features free online storage and listening to music with over thirty-five million songs catalog. This service produces and plays audio in MP3 format, AAC, WMA, FLAC Ogg, and so much more.

Download the Google Play Music App

Now downloading the play music app is no easy task at all. This is because, you will have to make sure your device is compatible first, have enough space, and lastly have enough data plan.

Like I mentioned above, the play music app is available for Android and iOS devices. Now if you are using any of these let us begin with downloading the app.

  • Launch your device’s default play store (popularly known as app store because it provides more apps).
  • Add your login credentials if you are prompted to. If you are not prompted to and you are using the Google play store, it means you have already logged in before and all that remains is for you to use the search engine.
  • Looking for the app in the Google play store is quite difficult and that is why you need to use the Google search engine to search for the app.
  • Find the app and click on it. Wait a few minutes and your download should start immediately.

After download, wait for the app to install and you now have the music app from Google on your device. However if the app does not install by itself, you can go and click on it from your download folder to install it.

Using Google Play Music

As long as you have the app, using this Google service is very easy. All you need to do is launch the app and follow the instructions you are prompted with. But if you do not have the app, you can simply visit the online platform via this link here.


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