Google Shopping List – How to Easily Create a Google Shopping List


Google Shopping List is a platform where shoppers outline the items they want to purchase via the Google platform. You can create your own list with google home. The most interesting part is that you don’t even need to be a Google user before you can create or manage the shopping list.

Google Shopping List

Google Shopping List

Thus, you can access the shopping list on Google by visiting Google Express or by launching the Google Home or google express apps.

What is Google Shopping

Google Shopping is one of the services offered by Google. It lets shoppers browse for products, view products, and also compare products.

How to Create a Google Shopping List

You can create and manage the shopping lists without being a Google Shopping member. Follow the steps below appropriately to create your shopping list

Step 1: turn on personal results

If one person is using Google Home, take the following steps

  • Launch the Google Home app.
  • Click on your account tab at the top.
  • Check if the Google account showing on the screen is the one you linked to your Google Home, otherwise, click on Add another account button to switch accounts.
  • Proceed to the home screen and select your device click on the settings icon, it looks like a gear, located at the top right side of the page.
  • Move down and tap on more.
  • Then toggle the personal results button on.

For multiple Google Home Users

If more than one person is accessing the Google home, proceed with these directions

  • Click on the Google Home app
  • Click the account widget at the upper right corner
  • Check if the account displayed is the one you connected with your Google Home or Nest device. Click on the “Add another account” link if it’s showing a different account.
  • Take a step back to the homepage and locate the “settings” button
  • From the settings screen, navigate down to the Google assistant services, then press on “more settings” to display all the settings content.
  • Click on “Assistant. from there select “voice match”
  • Tap on add devices
  • Check all devices you want to link your voice to.
  • Select continue widget.
  • Tap on next and then the “I agree” tab
  • Follow the prompt.
  • If you want to listen to personal information, navigate to switch on the personal results button.

Step 2: Create a Google Shopping List Manually (optional)

When you set up a voice command, a list will be automatically created. But if you still want to create a  list manually, follow these procedures

  • Launch of Google Home app.
  • Go to your account tab on the page top.
  • Verify that the displayed account is the one you want to use, if not, make use of the add another account button to switch accounts.
  • Reverse to the homepage, then tap on the settings icon.
  • Scroll beneath to Google Assistant services field, and select the “more settings” tab.
  • Click on the “services” widget.
  • Select the “shopping list” button.
  • Proceed to the “menu” field represented with three vertical lines.
  • Tap on the “create new list” widget.
  • Enter your list name.
  • Finally, hit the create button.

Step 3: Add items to Shopping List

You can add items to your list with a voice command. If you add items to your Google Shopping List with voice, those items will be included in the primary list.

How to Add items Manually

  • Visit the Google Home app, tap on your account icon to verify if your account
  • After verifying your account, go back to the main page
  • On the homepage, click the settings tab
  • Move to the page bottom and tap on “more settings”
  • Choose “services” and then select “shopping list” from the menu.
  • Click on the “Add item” button, then input the item name.
  • And finally hit the “Done” tab

To learn more about how you can conveniently create a google shopping list, check out a help post on the google shopping help platform.


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