Google Slides: Free Online Presentations for Personal Use


Google Slides Themes are preset groups of fonts, colors, and backgrounds used for Presentations. Thus you can create or import a new theme for your Google slides presentation.

Slides by Google is a free online presentation app developed by Google.  This means it lets you display your work visually. You can also create and edit presentations.

Google Slides

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Google Slides

It is basically for business accounts; people in the business are now adopting this software for their office work. It also gives room for group members to work together to achieve their goals. This is possible with the help of the collaboration tool.

The catch is that users are allowed to choose how their presentation will look like. That is to say, you can change your presentation theme, background, and layout.

Google Slides Themes

Do you want to change the presentation theme, import a new theme, or edit the color of your theme?  Below is how you can change your Theme.

How to Change your Theme

  • Navigate to the Google slides app and open a presentation on your computer.
  • Move to the top of the screen and tap on “slide”.
  • From the menu, hit the “change theme” button.
  • Towards the right side of the page, choose your desired theme.

For iOS device

  • Open the app and launch the presentation.
  • Locate and find the menu icon represented with three dots or the “more” button for iOS devices.
  • From the list displayed, click on “change theme”.
  • Scroll gently to choose the one you want to use.

For Android

  • Turn on your android phone and open the app.
  • On the homepage Click on the menu button. It is represented with a three dots icon.
  • Hit the button that says “change theme”. Now you will see a variety of themes on the screen. Simply navigate to look for the one you like.
  • When you see your desired theme, just tap it.

How Do I Get More Themes for Google Slides

Before importing a theme, just know that the theme must be from existing Google slides or PowerPoint presentations. Follow the steps below to do so.

  • Go to slides and launch your presentation.
  • Select the slide button located at the top.
  • Hit the “change theme” link.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the “import theme” widget.
  • Click twice on the presentation you want.
  • Tap on the theme you want to use, then import.

It is that easy in importing a theme for Google Slides.


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