Google Stadia Controller: Google Stadia’s First Game That Responds Directly to Touch Is Coming This August


Google Stadia Controller – Upcoming strategy game that has got gamers all over the world excited created by amplitude studio is set to be the very first stadia’s release that will feature a new touch-focused feature and control when it is released on the 17th of august. This was compiled according to 9to5Google and also confirmed by Google to the verge.

Google Stadia Controller

Direct touch is designed uniquely around a multi-touch finger feature that inputs just like the traditional mobile game you know rather than the previous method of playing stadia on mobile phones via a Bluetooth controller or a gamepad overlay.

Google Stadia Controller

Screenshots shared by Google which is available in this post and on the verge show the manner and gives an insight into how playing with direct touch will work in humankind. A single finger tap will enable you to select in-game objects, holding a finger down will enable content preview and two fingers will cancel. Also, dragging your fingers around will move your view in-game and three fingers will bring up the pause menu.

Gamers should be expecting a lot, and also the game will feature the stadia’s share feature. This feature will allow a friend to pick up from where you left off in a game. All you have to do to make this possible is to share a video clip or screenshot with them. But in the case of the humankind game, this feature will also allow users to use a feature named ‘leave your mark’.

With this feature, you will let your friend play through your world, go through the ruins of your civilization and everything within. And also get to compare their achievements to yours as they go on with the game.

Advantage of Google Stadia Touch-focused Feature

Strategy games as you may have known require a lot such as navigating menus that may be seen as complicated. Therefore, you will need to be precise as you deploy troops and build structures. It is, therefore, better to use a direct touch rather than a controller for a 4X turn-based strategy game such as humankind but only if the controller support is difficult.

These are some of the reasons why good console-specific releases of strategy companies such as civilization revolution are loved. They make a game so simple so they can work with a controller or touch.

Touch controls always come with an extra challenge for streaming games like stadia – potential latency issues, if you know. One thing to notice with the touch that you will not find with the controller is this – You are going to be getting more immediate responses to your taps which is not always possible if the connection is slower with controllers. However, Google did not share if they had to make any adjustments to accommodate the latency with direct touch when asked.


9to5google originally spotted direct touch early this year in an update to the stadia app on android. And up till this moment, it’s still not clear what implementing the methods means. Google in a statement states that the use of direct touch in humankind is custom. And also that the feature will make it easier to port games to stadia and in the process maintaining the same control schemes.

Direct touch will help the ease at which we play games on our phones in the near future no doubt. But whether it would help first titles come to stadia still remains unclear. Humankind is scheduled to be released on PC, Mac, and stadia on the 17th of August 2021.


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