Google’s Folding Pixel Smartphone to Launch in 2021


Have you heard about Google’s Folding Pixel Smartphone to Launch in 2021? Google is working on its new invention, which should be its first foldable Pixel phone in 2021. This actually places the search company into competition with other phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, and others. A report actually came in from 9to5Google Reports which pointed out a leaked document.

Google's Folding Pixel Smartphone to Launch in 2021

This document was said to put up a list of mobile operating systems from Google. It also stated the company’s existing phones and models yet to be released, including the foldable device having its codename as “Passport”.

9to5Google also said the document did not include the plans of Google’s hardware team since it was meant for Android development only. And according to Business Insider Africa, the search engine giant, Google, actually refused to comment on this story.

Google Announces New Pixel Phone

There are still so many details for you to take note of about Google’s Folding Pixel Smartphone to Launch in 2021. Regarding this, the previous manager of Google made a statement. According to INDEPENDENT, Mario Queiroz lead the development of these Pixel Phones, but he also said he has not seen a clear case of use yet.

Furthermore, he went to say “I think it needs to be more innovative”. This explained that he actually did not believe in the fact that just expanding screens can push the customer to buy these expensive devices. “The use case is going to need to be something where you go, ‘Hey, I definitely need to have this’. With this, you need to have a foldable device, like it’s nice to have!

Google’s First Foldable Pixel Phone is Reportedly Coming Late Next Year, Says a Leaked Document

Well, this is not actually the first-time rumors are coming up about Google’s Folding Pixel Smartphone to Launch in 2021. However, credibility has never been as much as this. It was actually certain the Google was working on a prototype, which was confirmed the company’s previous manager. However, the firm stated that it had not set up a clear utility behind this Pixel Smartphone model.

Now, this leaked document suggests that this foldable Pixel smartphone could actually come to reality. But the thing is, we may have to wait for another year, as reports carry it that Google’s foldable device will launch in 2021. This leaked document however stated that the device’s codenames will be “Raven” and “Oriole” could actually turn out to be Pixel 6. And for the Pixel 5a, it appears to be “Barbette”.


Still, on Google’s new launch, the document refers to a “folding device” as a “Passport”. This name actually reflects back on Galaxy Z Fold 2.

If Google’s foldable device actually launches in 2021 as supposed, then it will definitely have some competitions much more than the foldable devices available. Although this story points back to the Samsung Galaxy fold and Motorola Razr that faced problems on launch. Recently, Samsung again has announced the Galaxy Fold 2 and Microsoft for the launch of its Surface Duo. And this is another foldable Android smartphone.


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