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Hdmp4Mania is a platform where you can get thousands of interesting movies into your device for free. On this platform, you can easily download the latest movies and TV Series which makes it one of the best platforms for downloading movies. If you are a Bollywood, wrestling shows and Indian TV shows Fans then I recommend Hdmp4Mania for you. The site is the best platform to download your favorite TV shows for free.


The site provides its users with the latest movies and best of all time and that is why the site is still very popular till today. On Hdmp4Mania you can easily movies for free if you have a powerful computer and a network provider. The platform is a very friendly interface for both mobile and PC users. Just like every other site, it possesses some ads that you can find interesting. If you have not been downloading from this site, then you are missing a lot. Read on as we dive into some juicy information about Hdmp4Mania.

Accessing the Hdmp4Mania Website

The site can be located at www.hdmp4mania.net. Immediately you are on the site, you will be greeted by the logo of the site which is very pleasing to the eyes of every user when to compared with the logo of other sites. From the homepage, you can see very well that the site is well arranged in an orderly manner. It is because of these reasons online users love the platform.

Hdmp4Mania Latest Addition

The site can be located at https://hdmp4mania1.net/. Scrolling down, you will find the “latest addition” section where movies that were recently added on the site can be located. This will be very useful to users who want to download the latest addition movies from the site.  Recently added movies can be downloaded easily without wasting much of your time.

Hdmp4Mania Categories

On Hdmp4Mania, there are different categories of movies that you can choose from. The categories available on the site contain the same media files for download. Below I will be showing you some of the categories available on the Hdmp4Mania website.

  • Bollywood.
  • Hollywood.
  • All Indian web series.
  • Latest and hottest 18+ B Indian web series.
  • Hollywood dubbed in Hindi.
  • Wrestling Shows and PPV.
  • Other (Indian TV Shows).
  • English TV Shows (TVShows4mobile.com).
  • Normal Quality and Low Size MP4 Movies (MP4mania).

Above are the categories available on the website.

How to Download Movies from Hdmp4Mania1.net

Downloading movies from the platform is as easy as downloading from other platforms. If you are able to follow the procedures given to you correctly, then the download will be very easy for you. Below are some steps that will help you download your favorite movies from the site.

  • Select the movies you wish to download by clicking on the categories that can be found on the homepage of the site. For instance, if you wish to download Bollywood movies, you will have to select Bollywood from the homepage.
  • Immediately the page will load and a list of movies will be displayed on your screen. Select the one that you wish to download.
  • You will find the movies you wish to download a description on the screen. You will find the title, category, plot/ description, runtime, total downloads, and total parts.
  • Lastly, scroll down and click on “Click Here To Download Full Movie/Show” link and immediately the movie will start downloading.

If you are able to follow the download procedures I listed above carefully, then downloading from the site will be simple as A- B- C- D for you.


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