How Do Secret Boards On Pinterest Work

Do you know Pinterest lets you create secret boards that would be viewable by you only or those you choose to see? You don’t have to make all your boards open and in this, how do secret boards on Pinterest work article, we will guide you through to do it.

Just as the name implies, secret boards on Pinterest are private boards that only you and those you choose to collaborate with can see. All pins within a secret board cannot be seen in the search and home feed. In other words, it is only a confidential space for you and your collaborators.

How Do Secret Boards On Pinterest Work

Pinterest secret boards are not only for privacy but also you get to invite people you find interesting to the board. Creating a secret board on Pinterest is very easy. Before we proceed to share the steps to use and create or make a board secret on Pinterest, let’s know what it means.

What Is A Secret Board On Pinterest?

A secret board on Pinterest is a private board that can only be seen by you and your collaborators. It allows you to pin items without them being visible to the public or followers. The Pinterest secret is a great choice if you’re planning a birthday party, or putting ideas together for a client.

When you post or pin something to your board, it will not show up anywhere, this includes results, home feed, category sections, or even activities on your account. With secret boards, you can showcase your ideas to collaborators without interference from your followers.

How To Make A Secret Board On Pinterest

Now, you know what a secret board on Pinterest means, how then can you make a secret board? Making a secret board is very easy and fast. So, if you have ever asked “How do I make a secret board on Pinterest?”. Follow the guidelines below to make a secret board;

Make an existing board secret;

  • To make an already existing board secret, open the Pinterest app on your device.
  • Tap on your profile picture to open your profile.
  • Select the board you want to edit and make private.
  • Tap on the three-dot icon and select “Edit board”.
  • Toggle “Keep this board secret”.
  • Finally, tap Done to save.

To Make a new secret board;

  • Go to your profile and select the plus sign.
  • From the Create menu, select “Board”.
  • Now, enter the name of the board and the due date.
  • Toggle “Keep this board secret.
  • Tap “Create”.

After creating the secret board, you can start pinning websites and images by selecting the save option to choose a board.

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How To Invite Collaborators To A Secret Board On Pinterest

Since the secret board can only be seen by you, you will have to invite the users you’d like to share with it. Inviting collaborators to a secret board on Pinterest is very easy. Use the directives below to invite;

  • From your Pinterest profile, select the secret board you want to invite collaborators.
  • Next, select the + sign.
  • Now, copy the link on the screen or invite users by entering their usernames.
  • Or f you’re inviting someone through messenger or email, send the link of the secret board to them.

Your collaborators will be added if they accept to join your secret boards.

How To See Someone’s Hidden Boards On Pinterest

You can’t see someone else’s secret board unless you’re invited. In order words, only board creators and collaborators can see secret boards. You can’t see the contents there if you are not invited to collaborate on a secret board. Secret boards are private and confidential.

Can Anyone See My Secret Board On Pinterest?

No, your secret board is your own private space that can be seen by only you and your collaborators. The pins and content included in the secret board will be shown on your home feed, search, activities, etc.

How To Make A Secret Board On Pinterest Public

Want to make your secret board public? That’s easy. Go to the board you want to make public. Toggle off the “Keep this board secret” in the board settings. By doing so, the board will be made public and will be seen by your followers and others on the platform.

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You can use Pinterest’s secret board, to hide the contents you don’t want others to see. It is essential, obviously, and that is why it’s added to the platform for users. With the secret board feature, you can hide the images and content you want on the platform and share only with those you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use secret boards on Pinterest?

To use secret boards on Pinterest, you simply needed to create one or make an already existing board private by toggling it.

What does making a Pinterest board secret do?

Secret boards are created for extra privacy. With it, you can keep your secret locked or hidden from others. These boards can only be viewed by you and anyone you choose to invite to the board.

Can people see secret board?

No, a secret board is only visible to you and to the people you invite to it. The secret board won’t show anywhere.

What happens when you make a secret board public on Pinterest?

Everyone using the platform (according to your settings) can see the now visible board and follow it.

Are Secret Pinterest boards really secret?

Yes, secret boards on Pinterest are that secret because it is just you and the people you invite to it that can see the content.

Why would you set up a secret board?

There are different reasons why people set up secret boards on Pinterest. It is a great way to capture and save what others are doing and learn from it. Or share ideas with your team.

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