How Do You Add An Administrator To A Facebook Group


Groups on Facebook offer an easy way for like-minded people to connect and share interests and ideas. As a group creator, you can add an admin which is the most important role in the Fb group. If as an administrator of a group, you’d like to add a member as an administrator, keep reading. Nevertheless, in this article on how do you add an administrator to a Facebook Group, we will offer you the steps to follow.

Once your group reaches a large number of users, it is important and necessary to add an administrator. I mean you will need extra hands running the group. The administrator will help manage the group and see to it, that the group functions smoothly.

How Do You Add An Administrator To A Facebook Group

Below, we will be outlining the steps to follow to add an administrator to your Facebook group using the Facebook website and the mobile app.

How Do You Add An Admin To A Facebook Group

To add multiple admins to a Facebook group, use the guidelines below;

On Mobile;

  • Tap on the three lines button at the top or bottom of your account and select “Groups”. If the groups’ icon is not shown, tap See more.
  • Then tap Your Groups and select the group.
  • Tap the safety button and select “People” below “Tool Shortcuts”.
  • Now, tap the three dots icon next to the member’s name that you want to make an administrator.
  • Tap Add as Admin.
  • Finally, tap “Send Invitation”.

On a Computer or Desktop;

  • Click on “Groups” from your feed. Note: you might have to click see more to find the groups button.
  • Click “Member” below your group’s cover photo.
  • Now, click on the three dots button next to the person’s name.
  • Select “Add as admin”.
  • Lastly, click on “Send Invitation”.

The group administrator invitation will be sent to the person you want to add as an admin of your Facebook group.


Adding an Administrator to your Facebook group will lessen the load for you. In this post, we have shared the guidelines to use to add an admin on your mobile phone or computer. By following the steps above, you’ll be able to add an administrator to your group. For further questions, please use the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add multiple admins to a Facebook group?

The option of adding multiple admins at once to a Facebook group is not available, but you can use the steps below to add admins to your group;

  • Click on Groups and select your group.
  • Select members under the group’s cover photo.
  • Click the dots icon next to their name and select add an admin.
  • Finally, send out the invitation.

Why can’t I add a Facebook admin?

If you are trying to add someone as an admin on your Facebook and it’s not working, ensure to check if the person has an account.

Can a Facebook group have two administrators?

Yes, as an administrator of a Facebook group, you can add an admin to lessen the workload.

What happens if the creator of a Facebook group leaves?

When a creator of a group leaves, the other admins will take over.

What happens to a Facebook group when the admin leaves?

As long as there are other members or admins in the group, the creator of the group can exit and others will take over.

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