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How do you see news on Facebook? One may ask such questions. Come to think of it, is Facebook a news platform? And does one get to see news on Facebook? As an ardent Facebook user, you know better about this question. On Facebook, you get news and other information on activities on your newsfeed on your Timeline. So to know more on this continue to read this article.

How Do You See News on Facebook

How Do You See News on Facebook

Facebook platform it’s unique and over the years since it was developed, Facebook has become one social media platform that is popular. The Facebook platform comes with unique features numerous to mention. On the Facebook platform, you can steam news and store information. You can also get daily news in all international and local news. Most people get connected to their friends and family, colleagues, business partners and others. You can send money, receive money, play game watch movies and more.

Facebook NewsFeed

The newsfeed is a news page on Facebook. On newsfeed, you get information on activities of your friends, family, other groups that you are in or people you are following. If any of your friends post anything on Facebook depending on your previous interactions with them Facebook will notify on your newsfeed. If you are on any groups or any business page or you have created any group on Facebook all the activities of theses groups will be seen on your newsfeed. Also, if you make any post it will be shown on your newsfeed. If anyone tagged you on any post, you will see it on your newsfeed.

However, your newsfeed can be adjusted to control posting on your page. Those people that you don’t want to see their post, you can adjust your Facebook newsfeed so that you won’t see any post from them. But this does not unfriend them as your friend.

Controlling your News Feed

When using Facebook you are given implicit and explicit medium to show Facebook News feed what you want to see. The implicit here is the signal you give Facebook by liking stories from a particular friend or about a certain topic. You will be seeing more of them. If you are always skimming past someone’s post or never click on their stories shared on a page, then you will see less of them. It is necessary to actually Like stuffs you like, and not just click Like on things you care less about just to impress or be nice to someone.

However, Facebook also makes explicit tools for directly telling news feed what you do and don’t want to see. There is a little drop-down arrow in the right corner of each story on the news feed. This lets you:

  • Unfollow the author so you don’t see any more of their posts
  • Turn on notifications, so you will be notified of future posts by the author
  • Save the story for later, which tells Facebook to show you more posts similar to it
  • Hide a post so you can stop seeing it and see fewer stories similar to it.

Also, there is also a See First option available in the Newsfeed settings. This allows you to pick people or pages whose posts you can always see first on your newsfeed. This can be helpful by staying informed about your loved ones, favorite brand, business group, etc.

How to Access Facebook NewsFeed

To access news feed, go to and login your account.

For those who do not have a Facebook account here are the steps to open a Facebook account for yourself.

  • Go to
  • Navigate to ‘Create an account’ button
  • Blank pages will be open fill in your details such as your full name, email address, age, address, status, gender, etc
  • Next, click on the ‘Create an account‘ button.
  • You will receive an email showing your confirmation message.

Above is how to create a new account on the platform.


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