How Many Axles Does a Car Have? – What is an Axle on a Car?

New model and makes of cars are being designed regularly, so “How many Axles does a car have?” you may be wondering. This question is quite normal to ask seeing that new designs of cars are being released frequently. In this article, the question “How many Axles does a car have?” would be answered and you would also learn more about cars. So, kindly read to the end.

How Many Axles Does a Car Have
How Many Axles Does a Car Have

How Many Axles Does a Car Have?

Beyond driving a vehicle, it’s necessary to have a knowledge of the mechanical parts of the vehicle. So how may axles do a car have exactly? Most cars have two axles. The general rule is that two wheels share an axle and if there are four wheels, there would definitely be two axles on a vehicle. Having said this, you should read through this article to learn more.

What is an Axle on a Car?

Having known the number of axles on a car, you may be reading this article with a little knowledge of what the axle on a car is. So, what is an Axle on a car? An Axle also known as an Axle tree is an automotive central shaft that connects the wheels together and help them rotate and also support the weight of a vehicle.  In some vehicles, the axle is fixed to the wheels thus, rotating with them. While in other vehicles, the Axle is fixed to the vehicle while the wheel rotates around them.

In simple words, the Axles are the central parts that helps the wheels of your vehicle rotate and also transfer the weight of the vehicle to the wheels. With this, you should know that the axle on a car is a key automotive part. Having known what the Axle on a car is, lets go further to know the types of Axles in vehicles.

Types of Axles

Axles are essential components of any vehicle and generally, there are different types of axles. They include:

  • The Front Axle: The front Axle as the name implies, is positioned at the front of the vehicle. The function of the Front Axle is to aid steering and also absorb shocks from driving on uneven roads and surfaces. Based on the type of vehicle, the Front axle is generally divided into two main types which includes; The dead Front axle which do not rotate with the wheel of the vehicle and the Live Front Axle which transmits power from the gear system to the Front tyres.
  • The Rear Axle: The Rear axle is majorly responsible for transmitting power from the gear system to the rear wheels. The Rear axle is located at the back of the vehicle (between the differential and the rear wheels) and comes in two halves. These halves are called the half shaft and are connected by a differential. Based on the type of vehicle, the Rear axle is further divided into the full-floating Axle, the Semi-floating Axle and the Three-Quarter floating Axle.
  • The Stub Axle: the last type of Axle is the Stub Axle, this Axle are also located at the front of the vehicle like the Front Axle. The Stub Axle connects the Front Axle to the Front wheels with pins. Types of Stub Axles includes; The Reverse Elliot, The Elliot, The Lamoine and lastly, The Reversed Lamoine.

You should note that a clanging metal sound, misalignment of your wheels and loud vibrations when you take a bend are all signs of a faulty Axle. You should fix an appointment with your mechanic as soon as possible if you notice these signs.



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