How to Activate Your EDMI Prepaid Meter

Want to know how to activate your EDMI prepaid meter? This article will be covering the easy steps to follow to activate your meter. Activating your EDMI prepaid meter is quite easy, however, it must be installed by a professional. If you have already installed it and you are looking forward to activating it, read on. In this article, you will learn how to activate your EDMI prepaid meter easily. 

How to Activate Your EDMI Prepaid Meter


Here is your guide on how to activate your EDMI prepaid meter; 

Start By Connecting the EDMI Box to the Meter 

After the prepaid meter has been installed by a professional, the next step is for you to connect the EDMI box to the meter outside. Your prepaid EDMI box should include a piece of paper that includes your meter number and token numbers. 

After connecting, enter your meter number and hit. On the screen you will see “Connect” and after a few seconds, a success text will be shown.  Before proceeding with this step, make sure that there is a power supply (light) in your area. 

Activate your EDMI Box with Token 

The second step to follow to activate your prepaid meter is to enter the 20-digit tokens issued with the meter and EDMI box. While inputting them, wait for the success prompt each time. 

Top Up or Buy Power Tokens 

You can make use of different services to buy power tokens such as Quickteller, Kuda,, etc. When you buy top-up, you will be provided with a token via text, email, or in the app once the payment is confirmed. 

Load Token 

This is the final step to follow in activating your EDMI prepaid meter. Input the token into your EDMI box and your new unit balance will be shown. With that, your home or office will be powered.


There you have the steps to use and activate your EDMI prepaid meter. The process might seem short, however, while carrying the steps out, you’d discover it’s longer than it seems. If you find this article helpful, ensure to share it with your friends on your social media accounts. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I Reconnect my Edmi Electric Meter? 

Here is how to reconnect your EDMI electric meter; 

  • Press any button to light up the display and then move through the screens. 
  • Now, when the screen displays “Armed Hold OK”, press and hold the OK button, until the “Enabled” message appears. 
  • Just like that, the power supply will be reconnected. 

How do I Reset my Edmi Meter? 

Follow the steps below to reset your EDMI meter; 

  • Press and hold the OK button at the back to illuminate the display screen. 
  • Then press and hold the Ok again until you see the “Prepay menu”. 
  • Press the Ok button to move through the menu options until you see “Information”. 
  • Now, hold the Ok button until you see “Join”. 
  • When join is shown on the screen, press and hold the Ok button until you see “Press Ok To Join HAN”. 
  • Then press and hold the Ok button until you see searching for HAN. 
  • After a few seconds, HAN Setup Complete” should appear on the screen. 

How do I Activate my Token Meter for the First Time? 

You will have to log into the IE portal and then input your meter number and click submit. Your activation token will be displayed. 

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