How To Add An Admin To A Facebook Group


Did you just find out that Facebook groups can have multiple admins and wondering how you can add someone to your group? Adding an admin is easy. In this article on how to add an admin to a Facebook group, we will be covering the guidelines to use.

If you are a Facebook group admin and wish to make someone an admin or moderator of your group, you will find the steps below helpful.

How To Add An Admin To A Facebook Group

As a group admin, you can make someone an admin or moderator. Members must be active in the group before they can be made an admin. Note that when you make someone an admin, they will be able to remove members or admins, and edit group descriptions and settings.

Already made up your mind about adding someone as an admin to your group? Well, then follow the guidelines that will be listed below.

How To Add An Admin To A Facebook Group From Mobile

Using the Facebook app, you can make someone an admin on your group with the guidelines below;

  • Tap on the hamburger icon at the top or bottom right side of your Facebook and select Groups.
  • Then, tap “Your Groups” and the group. If the Groups icon is found, tap See more.
  • Tap the safety icon and select “People” below the “Tool Shortcuts”.
  • Now, tap on the name of the person you’d like to make an admin.
  • Tap add (name) as admin.
  • Lastly, tap on “Confirm” to save.

To add more than one person, follow the same steps above.

How To Add An Admin To A Facebook Group On Computer

If you are browsing with a computer or desktop, use these steps to add someone as an admin of your group;

  • From your feed, click on “Groups” and select your group.
  • Click on “Member” below your group’s cover photo. If the member’s tab is not shown, click “See More”.
  • Then click on the three dots icon next to the user you want to make an admin.
  • Now, select “Add as Admin” and lastly click “Send Invitation”.

The group admin invitation will be sent to the person and once it’s accepted, the user will become an admin of your group.


Above in this article are the steps to follow and ad admin to your Facebook group. As stated, adding someone as an admin is very easy. We hope you find the article helpful. If yes, make sure to share with your friends. Furthermore, you can share your thoughts or opinions in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add an admin to a FB group?

To add an admin to your Fb page, go to the group and select the person you want to add. Then click on the three dots icon to select the option of adding the person as an admin.

Why can’t I add an admin to my Facebook group?

The major reason why you might not be able to add someone as admin is if the person is not on Facebook or you are not friends with them. Furthermore, if they haven’t liked or interacted with your group before, you won’t be able to add them.

Can I add another administrator to my Facebook page?

Yes, you can add as many administrators as approved by Facebook to your group. Not just that, you can also add moderators to your group.

Can you have 2 administrators on Facebook group?

You can add more than two administrators. By default, you will be the admin of the Facebook group you create. However, you can add multiple admins from members of the group.

Why can’t I add an admin to my Facebook page 2022?

Before deciding to add someone as an admin to your group, first find out if the person has a Facebook account.

What is the difference between a moderator and an admin?

A moderator is someone who assists the admin in keeping track of the activities and ensuring that everything is working smoothly. On the other hand, an admin is someone who created the group and has control over its settings. The admin can remove the moderator and add a new one.

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