How to Apply for Opay ATM Card

Opay provides you with the freedom to get more with their financial solutions. With Opay, you can make payments faster, earn cashback rewards, transfer money free, save more, and earn cashback from airtime and data purchases. To make it easier to get cash, you can apply for the Opay ATM debit card. In this article, I will be showing you detailed steps on how to apply for an Opay ATM card.

How to Apply for Opay ATM card

Additionally, when you apply for an Opay ATM debit card, you can get the card instantly from selected Opay agents or you can apply via the Opay App. The good news is that when you apply for an Opay ATM card, you get to enjoy 10 free ATM withdrawals monthly with zero maintenance fee. You can check out our article on how to apply for an Opay ATM card.

About the Opay Debit Card

The Opay debit card is like every other reward debit card. But the benefits attached to using an Opay debit card can never be overemphasized. From the cash back you earn from using the card to the free monthly withdrawals. The Opay debit card makes it attractive for all registered Opay users to apply for the card. Meanwhile, the card application process is not as complicated as other bank cards.

Also, with the new Opay ATM card, you have the freedom to make fast and easy payments online and offline. You can also withdraw conveniently from the ATM point.

How to Apply for the Opay ATM Debit Visa Card

To request for a debit card, you must be a registered member of Opay. If you are not a registered member of Opay, you cannot request for a debit card. So, to apply for the OPay ATM Debit card, download the OPay mobile app to your phone device. Afterward, you can register if you don’t have an account and sign in. The mobile app is available for Android and iPhone users.

How to Apply for OPay ATM Debit Card

  • Launch the OPay App on your device.
  • Log in to your OPay App on your mobile device
  • Click on “Cards”.
  • Next, you have the option to choose either “Virtual or Physical Card”.
  • Select your Pick up Location.
  • Fill in the Necessary Details Required.
  • Then make a payment of N700 which is the ATM Card Fee.’

You will be asked to confirm your details. Ensure you put in the correct phone number, house address, and location. This way it will be easier to deliver your OPay Debit card to your doorstep.


How do I get my ATM card from OPay?

You can get your OPay Debit card at selected OPay agent stores instantly or apply on the OPay App and have it delivered to your doorstep.

How much does it cost to get an OPay debit card?

To get an OPay ATM Debit card, you will need to pay 700 Naira. If you request for your card online, you will be asked to pay a delivery fee to receive your card in your house.

How Long will it Take to get my OPay Debit Card?

Users can apply for the card within the app, and it is delivered to their registered address within a few days.

Can OPay cards be used online?

Yes, with the new OPay Virtual card, you can pay bills. and make purchases at over 1,000 online merchants. And enjoy free card maintenance, secure payments, and.

Can I use OPay without an ATM card?

You can make cardless cash withdrawals with the OPay USSD Withdrawal service. Dial *955# today to get started.

What is the difference between an OPay physical card and an OPay virtual card?

Opay Virtual and physical cards provide the same purpose of making easy payments, with one basic distinction between them – virtual cards are only available for online purchases, while physical cards can be used in person as well.

Is OPay licensed by CBN?

OPay is licensed by CBN and all deposits are insured by NDIC

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