How to Become a Host on Bigo?

Want to learn how to become a host on Bigo? You’ve clicked on the right article, now, all you have to do is to keep reading. If you wish to become popular and earn money on Bigo, becoming a host is important. Also, by becoming a host, you get to show your talent and earn. Bigo is open for anyone who is 18 years or older to become a host, no special skill is needed. In this article, we will be covering some terms related to using the Bigo Live app, so, ensure to read to the end.

How to Become a Host on Bigo?

As earlier said, anyone can become a host on Bigo, with or without joining an agency. However, joining an agency and becoming a Bigo host comes with some nice benefits. Keep reading to find out the benefits of becoming a host on Bigo. But, for now, let’s share the guidelines to follow and become an official host on the Bigo Live app;

  • Start by contacting the agency you want to work with or Bigo Live Official
  • The agency will require your Bigo user ID to arrange a Live interview with you.
  • Schedule the interview date and time.
  • At the set date and time, go Live and wait for your interviewer to join your live.
  • Then connect with the interviewer on guest live and answer the questions the interviewer will ask you.

You will be notified by the agency if you have been accepted to work with them.

How to Apply for Bigo Agency

Applying to become an agent with Bigo is easy. If you have enough celebrity resources, artists, or friends with talent and charisma, you can join Bigo as an agent. Bigo will sign the people you bring through you. The more broadcasters you bring, the more rewards you get. To apply to become an agent with Bigo, click here.

How to Start or Join a Family on Bigo Live

Starting or joining a family on Bigo is easy. You can join a family using the steps below;

  • From your Bigo account, go to “Me” > “Family”. You will be directed to the family information page showing a list of different families.
  • Choose a family of your choice and tap on “Apply to Join” on the pop-up.
  • Once you’re accepted, you will get the family badge and be added to the family group.

Starting a family on the hand is something different. Don’t want to join an existing family? Well, you can start your own, provided you meet the requirements. To start a family on Bigo, the following requirements must be met;

  • Level 10
  • A recharging amount of $50 within the last 30 days.
  • Diamond balance of at least 100
  • Wallet beans balance of 500.

If the above conditions are met, you can start or create a family of your own and invite people to join. Have in mind that having a family comes with a lot of responsibilities.

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How to Fast Increase Level in Bigo Live?

The higher your level, the cooler your medal becomes. Also, you can get popular. The tips below can help you accelerate your level fast;

  • Check in daily
  • Watch live videos as being active on the platform makes you seen and also earns higher Exps.
  • Share live rooms.
  • Send gifts to other hosts.
  • Broadcast and earn gifts.
  • Finally, get an advanced VIP.

In short, being active on the platform, and sending and receiving gifts, and watching live videos can level you up more quickly.

How to Earn Money from Bigo Live?

Being a streaming platform, there are different ways you can start earning on Bigo Live. You can earn money on Bigo by;

Working As An Official Host

Working as an official host is one way to earn money from the platform. You get paid to showcase your talent to others. However, have in mind that, the more gifts you get from your viewers, the higher your pay at the end of the month.

Applying For Bigo Live Agency

You can work as a recruiter or agent on Bigo to make money. As an agent bringing talents to the platform, you get commissions from the host you brought.

Encashing Virtual Gifts

Another way to make money on Bigo is through virtual gifts. As a popular streamer with lots of followers, your followers will send you virtual gifts. You can stock up on these gifts which can then be transformed into beans. The more popular you are, the more beans you will earn.

Finally, the stocked beans can be encashed for real money which Bigo will deposit in your account.

Joining Bigo Referral Program

This is another way to earn on the Bigo Live app. From time to time, Bigo offers a referral program. When you join this program, you get paid for referring people to the platform.

How to Become Popular on Bigo Live?

Becoming popular on Bigo is important to maximize your chances of success on the platform. Want to be popular on Bigo Live? Here are some tips to help;

Create An Appealing Profile

Your profile plays a big part in whether someone will click on your live stream and become a potential fan. It is important to choose a photo that is appealing, confident, and good-looking. Don’t act too formal. Enrich your profile, so your followers will know more about you.

Find Your Positioning

When streaming, it is important to find out what you’re best at and show your audience. Whatever you can do, showcase it to them. Be it singing, playing instruments, dancing, playing games, chatting, etc. Just be real and enrich your live broadcast.

Use High-Quality Streaming Equipment

Using quality streaming equipment will make your viewers hear you clearly and see you. Your communication with them will be clear and audio-able. Invest in a nice microphone, camera, and stable internet.

Stream Consistently

To gain a loyal following, you need to be frequent and consistent on the platform. Create a schedule and share it with your followers to promote trust.

Engage with your Followers

Bigo is a Live streaming platform, however, your viewers are also coming in to get to know you and chat with others. Interacting and engaging with your followers is one of the best ways to get more followers and keep them coming. Never forget to welcome new viewers to your streams.

Interact With Other Streamers

Whether it’s commenting, following, or sending gifts to other streamers on the platform, engaging with others is a great way to get followers.

Promote Yourself

Promote yourself on other social media platforms and attract an audience. Your activities on other social platforms also play a crucial role in your popularity on Bigo.

That is all about how to get famous on Bigo. Quick takeaway: don’t give up no matter the follower base you have as a new streamer. Keep working and engaging with others on the platform.

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How to Cash Out Beans on Bigo Live?

To cash out beans to real money on your Bigo Live account, you should at least have 6,700 beans. After you reach that amount, you can exchange your beans and diamonds for real money.

Below is a quick guide on cashing out from Bigo;

Cash out to your Bank Card;

  • Open your wallet > Beans > Exchange rewards.
  • Next, fill in the amount of cash and select your bank account.
  • Confirm the exchange and tap did.

Cash Out To Payoneer Account;

  • Go to Wallet > Beans > Exchange Rewards.
  • Now, fill in the amount to cash out.
  • Select your Payoneer account and confirm the exchange.
  • Lastly, tap “Done”.

Link your accounts before proceeding to cash out beans from Bigo.

How to Unban from Bigo Live?

Bigo automatically unbans streamers (depending on the violation calls). Ensure to follow the community rules and standards set by the platform to avoid getting banned by Bigo. If your account is banned for more than 72 hours, you can enter the self-unbanning service page by logging out and logging in again.

On the self-service unban page, fill in the information following the instructions and submit your application. Bigo will attend to your appeal and give you a reply in a few working days.

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We have come to the end of this article; hope you find it relevant enough to give it share on your social accounts. Also, the comment section is pen if you have questions or suggestions to share with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bigo Live a real app?

Yes, Bigo live app is real and it is used by over 400 million users around the globe. It is a platform used to make money online easily.

What is BIGO app in Nigeria?

Bigo live app is globally used, so, yes, it is in Nigeria.

What is the purpose of the BIGO app?

Bigo live app is designed to let users make videos or live stream their activities to friends and strangers, and in return get gifts. Anyone can use it to broadcast anytime and anywhere.

How do I install Bigo Live?

You can download the Bigo live app into your smartphone. The application is free on the app store of your device.

Who is the CEO of Bigo Live?

David Xueling Li is the Chief Executive Officer of Bigo Live.

Is BIGO free app?

Bigo Live app is free for streaming for anyone from the age of 18 or older. You can use the platform to watch live streams, video games, chat with people, etc.

How much do you get paid on BIGO?

You get paid according to how much you earn on the platform. That is to say, the gifts you get before the end of the month are what determines how much you get paid.

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