Purchase Electricity Unit Online in Nigeria

Want to learn how to buy electricity units with InstantEnergy? You have clicked on the right post, so, keep reading to find out. In a changing world, InstantEnergy makes electricity unit purchases accessible and affordable. Buying electricity units with InstantEnergy is very easy and fast to do. You are not required to have an account before you can access and use the platform to make your light bill payments.

How to Buy Electricity Units with InstantEnergy


Before we proceed to share the instructions to use and make your electricity unit purchase online in Nigeria, let’s look at what you need. All you need to pay bills or buy electricity units using InstantEnergy include;

  • Stable internet connection
  • Access to a laptop, desktop, or smartphone.
  • A prepaid meter.
  • A valid phone number and email.
  • Lastly, access to ATM cards (for users who don’t want to transfer).

Steps To Buy Electricity Units with InstantEnergy 

During emergencies, going to your distributor’s headquarters can be quite bothersome or annoying. Yes, we all have been there, and honestly, the stress that comes with it is something else. However, with InstantEnergy, you can sit in your comfort zone and buy electricity units to get light back up in your home. Interested, yeah?

Let’s look at how you can buy your electricity units with InstantEnergy conveniently;

  • Launch your favorite web browser and go to https://instantenergy.com.ng/
  • Scroll and enter your phone number, then click on “Buy Electricity”.
  • Next, input your meter number.
  • Select your state of residence.
  • Enter your name (optional) and email address.
  • Enter how much units you would like to purchase and click “Proceed to payment”.
  • Select your preferred payment checkout means.

Once the payment is successful, your unit token pin will be sent to you and ready for use.

Why Choose InstantEnergy? 

Not only is InstantEnergy easy to use, but it also allows you to recharge your meter from anywhere. Also, you can make use of the energy budgeting feature to set aside money for your next electricity bill. Users can nickname or give a unique name to every meter they add on the platform.

Relevant Links for InstantEnergy 

Click here for the InstantEnergy website

Use this link to contact InstantEnergy

InstantEnergy Social Media Links 

Check this link to reach InstantEnergy on Facebook

Connect with InstantEnergy on Instagram

Follow InstantEnergy on Twitter

Message InstantEnergy on WhatsApp


Above are the easy steps to use and buy electricity units from InstantEnergy. We hope with these guidelines, you will be able to buy your units conveniently from anywhere. Use the comment section to leave your questions or suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I load my token on my prepaid meter? 

To load your token to your prepaid meter, use the steps below;

  • Punch in the token numbers and hit enter.
  • Just like that, the meter display succeeds.

How many units is 20000 naira on the prepaid meter? 

A prepaid meter recharge amount of 20,000 is equivalent to a minimum of 329.65 units.

Why is my meter rejecting my token? 

This could result from inputting the wrong meter number when vending, a bad meter, or a change in tariff.

Does the prepaid meter token expire? 

Yes, your prepaid is only valid for three months, after 3 months without active use, it will expire.

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