How to Buy Electricity Units With Nepa

I am sure you have clicked on this post to learn how to buy electricity units with Nepa, right? It is no shame if you don’t know what to do because people are mostly used to the old method. Luckily, we have got you covered. In recent years, Nigeria has evolved from the former way of paying electricity bills to modern online methods.

How to Buy Electricity Units With Nepa


Now, with, you can easily make your electricity units purchase online. Buying your electricity units with Nepa is easy and very fast, provided you have a smartphone and stable internet.

Nepa is just one of the many platforms that you use to buy electricity online. and work together. With the electricity website, you can not only buy electricity units or pay bills but also purchase airtime and internet data. Also, you can convert your airtime to cash. You can download the nepa app named app on the app store on your Android.

Steps to Buy Units with Nepa

Now, let’s look at how you can buy electricity units with Nepa online;

  • Launch the app or go to
  • Once the web page is loaded, choose your electricity company/disco.
  • Then select meter type (prepaid or postpaid).
  • Enter the meter number and select the amount of electricity units you want to buy.
  • Click on “Continue” to validate your meter number.
  • If the meter is valid, you will be redirected to the checkout page where your name and address will be shown to be reviewed.
  • Confirm and click on “Buy Now” to complete the payment.
  • Now, you can choose to pay with your wallet balance or through a bank transfer.
  • After the payment has been made successfully, you will receive your electricity token via SMS, API, and Order Page.

Easy, right? With Nepa or VTU, your payment for electricity bills is convenient, easy, and fast.

Why Choose Nepa? 

If you choose Nepa to make your electricity payments, then you have chosen convenience, speed, and ease. This is because nepa or VTU is one of the fastest platforms specialized for buying light units and paying bills.

With it, you can buy electricity units without leaving the comfort of your home or office. In other words, you can purchase light units from anywhere at any time. There are no queues to wait for. The payment method will be carried out with or without you registering for an account. All you need is a smartphone and a stable internet connection.

Relevant Nepa Links 

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We have concluded how to buy electricity units with Nepa. As stated in this article, Nepa is one of the fastest and most convenient platforms to use for unit recharge in Nigeria. Use the comment section to leave your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many units is 1000 naira on a prepaid meter? 

The 30.8 EEDC units cost NGN1000.

How do I buy electricity on my phone? 

Another easy way to buy electricity units on your phone is by dialing the USSD code. You can use your bank USSD code.

How do I buy electricity with USSD code? 

In Nigeria now, there are plenty of electricity bill payment platforms that you use online. If the platform you’re using been using has a USSD code, you can simply dial one or use your bank USSD code.

Can I buy NEPA unit online? 

Absolutely. With the provision of modern online methods of paying electricity bills, you don’t have to go to the NEPA office. Use any of the many platforms to instantly buy units for your prepaid meter.

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