How To Buy Electricity Units – Buy Electricity Units Online

Buying electricity units is very easy, however, if you don’t know how or what platform to use, keep reading. In this article, you will be learning how to buy electricity units. With several platforms or sites, buying electricity is a lot easier and you don’t have to leave your home. All you need is a stable internet connection smart device. 

How To Buy Electricity Units


Could you buy electricity units? Have you been visiting the electricity distributor office to buy units? Well, you have clicked on the right article on how to buy electricity units. The most interesting part aside from the ease that comes with buying online is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office. What that means is that you can be anywhere at any time and buy electricity units online. Isn’t that interesting? There is plenty of platforms that you can buy electricity units from. 

Below are some of the best platforms to use to buy electricity units online; 


MeterToken is an electronic payment platform for electricity and water utilities in Nigeria to buy tokens. Buying electricity units with MeterToken is easy, convenient, and reliable. It has a simple interface that can be used by anyone. Units purchase using Metertoken can be done via the website, mobile app, WhatsApp, etc. If you are looking for convenience and ease of buying, then using Metertoken won’t be a bad idea. 


With PowerNow, buying electricity units is a lot easier. The platform takes care of worries when it comes to purchasing power tokens online. Get your electricity tokens wherever you find yourself and at your convenience. You can also access this service by dialing the USSD code listed on the website. PowerNow allows customers to borrow power and pay later. 


Another way to buy electricity units is with Remita. Remita is an easy-to-use platform for buying electricity online in Nigeria. To use the platform, you don’t need to create an account, all you must do is select your distributor and proceed. You can download the Remita app to your smartphone to use. 


iRecharge is an internet-powered distribution service that enables customers to buy electricity units. And they provide different payment methods. Buying electricity units with iRecharge is easy. To buy, you might be required to have an account which involves you creating a profile and funding your account. 


For the simplest interface, Lumia offers that. This service offers one of the simplest interfaces to buy electricity units. Furthermore, Lumia rewards loyal customers from time to time with amazing loyalty gifts and discounts. 


InstantEnergy is a top recommendation that is favored by a lot of Nigerians because it offers a great platform to buy electricity units online. It offers users an in-app dashboard to help track electricity spending, manage bills in one place, and also set reminders for upcoming transactions. 


This is one of the fastest ways to buy electricity units for your meter online. BuyPower covers consumers from all the states in Nigeria. You can download BuyPower to your iOS, or Android devices. 


Buying electricity units for your prepaid meters in Nigeria is very much possible and also easy, provided you are using the right platform. Above we have shared the best platforms to use to buy power units. Which platform is your favorite? Do you prefer using online means to get units or going to the distributor’s office? Please share your thoughts below. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is a unit of electricity in Nigeria? 

As of June 2022, the price of electricity in Nigeria for some amounted to around NGN 23 per kilowatt hour, while others are priced at NGN 36 per kilowatt hour. 

How to buy NEPA unit online? 

To buy units online using NEPA; 

  • Visit 
  • Select your distribution company. 
  • Enter your meter number and the units worth you desire to purchase. 
  • Input your phone number and email ID. 
  • Finally, select the payment process and proceed to check out. 

What is one unit of electricity? 

One unit of electricity is equal to one-kilowatt hour. 

How many unit is 20000 naira on a prepaid meter? 

20,000 prepaid units are equivalent to a minimum of 329.65 units. This is stated according to the new electricity tariff approved by NERC. 

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