How to Buy Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 on Facebook Marketplace

Don’t know how to buy Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 on Facebook Marketplace? Well, you’re reading the right blog post. When it comes to buying Microsoft Surface Laptop 2, the Facebook Marketplace is an excellent option.

How to Buy Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 on Facebook Marketplace

This popular marketplace connects buyers and sellers, providing an opportunity to find great deals on various products, including electronics. If you’re in the market for the product, this guide will walk you through the process of purchasing a Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 on Facebook Marketplace, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction. 

Steps to Buy Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 on Facebook Marketplace 

As we have mentioned above, the process of buying the Surface Laptop 2 on the marketplace is very easy. You can use these guides to search and complete your purchase; 

  • Go to the Facebook Marketplace using the website or app. 
  • Tap the magnifying button and type “Microsoft Surface Laptop 2” in the search bar. 
  • Filter the results by location, price range, and other preferences to easily find a listing that meets your requirements. 
  • Browse through the listings and select the Surface Laptop you want to buy. 
  • Contact the seller through Facebook Messenger to ask any questions you may have about the laptop. Feel free to ask as many questions as you might have. 
  • Lastly, arrange a time and place to meet with the seller to complete the transaction. 

Once the transaction is completed, leave feedback for the seller. It is important to be careful. 


Buying the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 on the Facebook marketplace is easy as you get to find different listings with reasonable prices. In this blog post, we have listed out the steps on how to buy Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. Do well to examine product images and thoroughly read through descriptions. If you have further questions, do let us know below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Surface Laptop 2 be Used as a Tablet?

Yes, you can Detach the keyboard to transform your Surface Book into a tablet. Then use the Surface Pen, the touchscreen, and the touch keyboard to get around

How do I Get Facebook Marketplace Under 18?

If you’re under 18 years old, you might be able to sell on the Marketplace, however, you can navigate through. To sell something on the marketplace as an underage, you can use your parent’s account.

How Old is the Surface Laptop 2?

The Surface Laptop 2 was unveiled at an event in New York City on 2 October 2018. So, it is not that old, plus, it is a good choice of laptop to use.

How do I Buy From Facebook Marketplace?

You can buy products on the Facebook marketplace by accessing it and using the search box, or clicking on categories. Go through the listings and when you find what you will like to buy, contact the seller.

Does Facebook Marketplace Work with VPN?

It is only advisable to use a VPN when you’re traveling. If you’re traveling outside the country and unable to access Facebook, you can use a virtual private network (VPN) to gain access and update your location in Facebook Marketplace.

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