How To Buy Power Unit Online


Ever wondered how you can buy power units online in Nigeria? Do you know you can buy power units online right now in Nigeria? Yes, you can, in this how to buy power unit online article, you will be learning the platforms that you can use. With online power purchase platforms, you can get electricity units from anywhere. You don’t have to leave your comfort, provided you have a stable internet connection and smart device.

How To Buy Power Unit Online

Whether you want to want power units for your office or home, there are many platforms you can use. However, in this post, we will be sharing a few. You can check out this post for more. Without much time wasting, let’s look at the platforms you can use to buy power unit online in Nigeria;


The first online method to use and buy power unit in Nigeria on our list today is BuyPower. It is one of the fastest, most reliable, and easiest platforms to use and purchase electricity units online. You can buy power unit using BuyPower mobile app or website. Honestly, this electricity bill payment platform is worth the hype it’s getting.

To buy power units on Buypower;

  • Go to the BuyPower website or download the app.
  • Input your number and click “Buy Electricity”.
  • Enter your meter number or account number.
  • Fill in your residence (state).
  • Choose Prepaid or Postpaid.
  • Provide your email and continue to the payment page.
  • Choose your payment method and complete it.

Once, it is confirmed, your token will be sent to you.


iRecharge is an electricity distribution platform that enables individuals and organizations to buy both postpaid and prepaid electricity online. There are multiple payment options you can use and choose from to complete the process. To use iRecharge, you have to sign up. Complete signup.

Follow the below to buy power units with iRecharge online;

  • Go to or download the iRecharge app to your phone.
  • Select “Electricity”.
  • Select Discos and enter your meter or account number.
  • Input the amount you want to buy.
  • Enter your phone number and email address.
  • Now, enter the password you use when signing up.
  • To proceed with payment, click on “Vend Power”.

Have in mind that you will be required to fund your wallet before you can pay for your electricity bills.


QuickTeller is the top choice of many Nigerians, because of its robust payment system that allows anyone to pay bills easily. It has a friendly user interface and a customizable dashboard. With QuickTeller, you can set recurring payments.

To buy power unit online with QuickTeller;

  • Go to QuickTeller site or install the app.
  • Click “Pay Bills”.
  • Search for the utility you want to pay for.
  • Choose biller (prepaid or postpaid).
  • Enter your email address and mobile number.
  • Next, type in your meter or account number.
  • Enter the amount and proceed to make payment.

Your token will be sent to your phone number or email once the payment is confirmed.


VtPass allows easy power or electricity bill payments. Buy power unit online with VtPass using the steps below;

  • Go to
  • Select “Pay Electricity Bills” and choose your power provider.
  • Choose prepaid or postpaid.
  • Enter your meter or account number.
  • Type in your phone number.
  • Enter the amount of power you’d like t buy online.
  • Complete the payment method.

If the payment is confirmed, you will receive a token.


Use PayPower today to buy your power units online in Nigeria. It is easy and very reliable. Provided you have a smart device and stable internet, you can use the platform. Follow the steps below to buy power with PayPower;

  • Navigate to PayPower URL or install the app.
  • Sign Up or Sign In with your number.
  • Then click on “Buy Electricity”.
  • Enter your meter or account number.
  • Choose prepaid or postpaid to proceed.
  • Select your state and the amount you want to buy.
  • Click continue.
  • Review your power order and make payment using your wallet.

Once the process is confirmed, your token will be sent to your phone.


In this post, we have listed the most reliable and easy-to-use platforms to buy power units online in Nigeria. We hope you find this article helpful. Which one is your favorite and why? Use the comment section below to share your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy prepaid meter Online?

Yes, you can buy prepaid meter units online. One of the easy and most reliable platforms to use is BuyPower. BuyPower is reliable with a simple interface for all to understand and use. It can be accessed via the website or mobile app.

How to buy power online in Lagos?

To buy;

  • Go to a utility bill payment platform like Buypower.
  • Select your state (Lagos).
  • Enter the meter number and how much you want to buy.
  • Complete the payment information.

How to buy prepaid units online?

To buy prepaid units online, all you have to do is visit the platform you want to use and provide the information required such as your meter, number, phone number, etc.

Can I buy my own meter?

Absolutely. You can purchase your own prepaid meter.

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