How to Change Your Opay Number

If you have lost your line or number for Opay and want to know how to change your Opay number, you’re reading the right article. By default, your phone number is used as your account number on Opay. That is to say, with your phone number, people can send money into your Opay account. Changing your number is easy if you lost or misplaced it, however, there is some information you need to provide. 

How to Change Your Opay Number

The mobile banking platform is designed in a way that doesn’t allow users to change their numbers as they want. To change your number, there are some crucial steps to take. Lucky for you, this article will cover everything you need to know on how to change your Opay number. 

Requirements to Change Opay Number

To change your number, you have to go through some legal processes for verification. In other words, you will need to provide some information if you want to change your Opay account or phone number. You will need the following requirements to change your number;

  • A valid Government-issued ID such as an International passport, driver’s license, NIN, etc.
  • You will be required to provide a police report stating that you have lost access to the old number.
  • Lastly, an affidavit. On the affidavit there are certain agreements that will be stated e.g., you will not use the old phone number again, authorize Opay to transfer the balance on your account to the number number, etc.

How to Change Opay Number

Once you have all the required information, the next step will be to change the number, right? Well, with Opay, it is different. To change the number, you have to snap all the documents needed and send them through email. In the email that you will send, the subject should be “Change Phone Number”. You can get the email on the Opay Website. After sending the email, you will have to wait for at least days to get a reply from them

By following everything in this article, your Opay account or phone number will be changed to the new one. 

Opay Customer Care

Need help with changing your number or making other inquiries? You can reach the Opay contact page on the website. The Customer service helpdesk is available 24/7 to tend to your needs. 

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There is everything you need to know about changing your phone number on Opay. For more inquiries, use the comment section or visit the contact page on Opey web. We hope this guide is helpful enough. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on your social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my Opay account number?

Open your Opay account, tap on your profile picture, or tap on “Me”. Once your profile page loads, you’ll see “Opay Account Number”. 

How do I permanently delete my Opay account?

If you wish to permanently delete or close your Opay account, tap on “Me”. Then, tap on the setting icon at the top. Now, scroll down and tap on “Close account”. For the deletion process to be completed, Opay will carry out a verification process. So, follow the on-screen instructions that will be shown to complete.

How much can I put in my new Opay account?

The maximum amount you can put in a newly created Opay account is NGN300,000.

How do I hide my balance on Opay?

To hide your account balance on Opay, tap on the eye icon below your balance. 

Which bank is OPay?

Opay is a mobile bank that is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Can I open an OPay account without BVN?

Absolutely! You can open or create an Opay account without a BVN, however, you wn’t be able to carry out many transactions. Plus, the maximum amount the account can hold is NGN300,000.

Can my OPay account be blocked?

In cases of suspicious activities such as fraud reports, payment PIN eros, etc, the account will be frozen.

How much is the highest amount OPay can receive?

The money your Opay account can receive depends on the tier of your account.

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