How to Connect Showmax to DSTV

Ever thought of connecting your Showmax to DSTV? Lucky for you, this post will cover steps on how to connect Showmax to DSTV. Imagine having access to an extensive library of blockbuster movies, binge-worthy series, and captivating documentaries, all at your fingertips. Sounds right about interesting, right? Thought so.

The fusion of Showmax and DSTV opens the gateway to an unparalleled entertainment experience for both you and your loved ones. So, if you’re ready to dive into a world of endless content without the hassle of managing multiple subscriptions, here’s a simple guide on how to connect Showmax to DSTV.

Connecting Showmax to DSTV

Without much time wasting, here’s how to connect and enjoy your favorite movies, series, and documentaries in one place;

Step 1: Secure a Stable Internet Connection

The first thing you want to do is to secure a stable and reliable connection. Having a stable connection guarantees uninterrupted viewing pleasure and a hassle-free setup experience. In other words, it makes the process easy and fast.

Step 2: Access Your DSTV Explora or DSTV Now

Now navigate to your DSTV Explora decoder or launch the DSTV Now app on your smart device. You would also want to verify that your DSTV subscription is active and that you can access the service smoothly.

Step 3: Sign in to Your Showmax Account

If you’re already a Showmax user, log in using your existing credentials. New users can sign up for Showmax by visiting their official website at or downloading the Showmax app.

Step 4: Link Your Showmax Account to Your DSTV Account

Once logged into your Showmax account, locate the “My Account” section. Look for the option to link your DSTV account. Then, follow the provided instructions, which might involve entering your DSTV account details or verifying your subscription to complete.

Step 5: Confirm the Connection

After successfully linking your Showmax and DSTV accounts, confirm the connection by accessing Showmax content through your DSTV Explora decoder or the DSTV Now app.

If the process is successful, you can enjoy as many movies and series as you want from Showmax on your DSTV decoder.


By seamlessly connecting Showmax to your DSTV, you’re opening the doors to a universe of entertainment possibilities like never before. Believe me, you will be glad at how much fun you will have. Let us know what you think about this post in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Showmax free with DStv?

Not for everyone, DSTV premium members get Showmax free when linked to their DSTV account.

How do you pay for Showmax?

You can pay using your Credit card.

Can I use Showmax without the internet?

Yes, you can, however, you need to download the movies, series, or documentaries before accessing them offline.

Can I watch Showmax without an app?

Absolutely. You can watch Showmax via their official website on your computer or laptop.

How do I activate Showmax on my TV?

To do this, go to the Smart TV interface on your Smart TV, and in the application section, navigate to Showmax and launch the application.

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