BUY AND SELL PAGE ON FACEBOOK – Facebook is social networking websites that enable users to store information, pictures and videos to share with each other. It’s allows users to have online conversations by posting messages and responses. Many businesses needs to establish or build relationships with its potential customers. Then it is pertinent to create a page for buying and selling on Facebook.


Benefit Of using  buy and sell Page On Facebook

A Facebook page has the capacity and many potential benefits for businesses to strive. The benefits of buying and selling on Facebook are numerous to mention but a few;

  • Facebook is a low-cost marketing channel. Marketing or advertising a product that may cost thousands of dollars through other channels but, Facebook cost it for a fraction making it an ideal place for small medium businesses with limited marketing budget
  • Your Facebook page is a place to share basic information about your business, showcasing your products, your business name, address and contact details, and briefly describe your products and services. Users can also talk about, the history of its business, and any other aspect of choice to attract Facebook users to your page and to create interest in your product
  • Share pictures and videos from your business. Facebook allows you upload pictures and videos from  your business, it allows us to ‘tag’ photos to indicate if a Facebook friend appears in them. This is a unique means to reach potential customers they get to see your product without coming green to your shop or office
  • Communication with existing and prospective new clients. Facebook can be a a good medium to reach out to your existing customers by posting and receiving messages. Listen also to to feedback from your clients.
  • It is a channel for customers service. Your client can post questions or make enquiry on your Facebook page and you give back answers to their questions.
  • Facebook steer traffic to your waste. With millions of users of Facebook for various activities, your business is seen by millions at time than an average shop offline. You can include a link to your Web page on your Facebook page to conduct traffic to your business site
  • Target advertising – Facebook can help you analyse all the information that  its million users enter into their profiles. As a owner of a business page you can make use of this information to deliver targeted advertising to a specific group.

Steps on How To Create  A Buy And  Sell  Page On Facebook

Connect your business, yourself or your cause to a website Community if people on Facebook.

  • Go to your Facebook Page and open a shop by using the shop tab – Buy And  Sell  Page On Facebook
  • Open the shop tab site
  • Click on ‘Start your Free trial’ at the orange button at the right hand of the page
  • Click on ‘Get Started with a 7 Day free trial’ button
  • Next, select an account type, (Standard, Expended and Ultimate)
  • Type in your information which includes, Your first name, and Last name, company name, your address, a working email address, your preferred shop tab  password
  • Select a payment method either Visa or PayPal
  • Scroll down and click on ‘create my Account’ button
  • Click on ‘Install App ‘ when prompted.
  • Click on ‘Continue as Your Name’ widget. Doing this will prompt Facebook to install the shop Tab app to your account
  • Click on ‘ok’ twice
  • Click on ‘Connect’ to the left of the page you wish to use with Shop Tab
  • Navigate to your connected page
  • Click ‘Shop’ icon, then, click on ‘Add product’, here, it may take some minutes to load, so you can refresh the page or click on the ‘admin tab’ to force Shop Tab to display the ‘Add product ‘option
  • Enter your product information. Once you have done this your product will be ready to display and sell on Facebook.


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