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Do you have a Facebook dating profile and you are looking for a way to delete it? If you are then I have got you covered. In this post ‘how to delete Facebook dating’ I will be directing you on how to successfully delete your dating profile on the Facebook platform. All you need to do to get this piece of information is to continue reading the contents of the post.

How to Delete Facebook Dating

How to Delete Facebook Dating

Facebook dating no doubt is a very interesting Facebook feature.  I mean who doesn’t want to make use of a free dating platform? But even though the platform and feature is free to make use of and not forgetting how interesting it is. There are times where you just feel like your time on the platform is up. Well not to take anything away from the platform itself. A lot of things may lead to this.

It is no surprise and no longer news that many users face abuse on dating platforms. From sending nude and unsolicited messages to people to stalking, you mention it, and even to identity theft, online dating can be overwhelming sometimes. And if not managed right, it can be detrimental to one, the results. Now the question is this. What do you do if you feel or face abuse on these platforms?

Is It Possible To Delete Ones Dating Profile on Facebook?

Can I delete my dating profile on Facebook? This is one of the FAQs of the Facebook dating platform. Well, do not get me wrong here. The dating platform on Facebook is a very interesting tool and platform. and this very platform has been met with some pretty positive reviews since its launch. But just like they say, not everyone is built the same way.

While some persons may be having the time of their lives on the platform, there are some users on the other hand who are not just feeling it. And for the sole reason, they feel it is time to call it quits with it. Now back to the original question, is it possible to delete ones dating profile on Facebook? The answer to this question is simple. It is very much possible to delete your dating profile on Facebook. And in a bit, I will be directing you on how to.

How to Delete Your Facebook Dating Profile

Deleting your

How to Delete Facebook Dating

is easy just as setting up a dating profile itself. It is also free. To therefore do this successfully, follow the steps below;

  • Open the Facebook app on your device and login to your account.
  • Tap the hamburger icon and select the dating option.
  • On the dating page, tap the settings icon in the top right corner and select general.
  • On the general section, scroll down and tap delete profile.
  • Lastly, tap delete.

That’s it. Your dating profile on Facebook will be deleted permanently immediately.

What Happens When You Delete Your Dating Profile on Facebook

When you delete your dating profile on Facebook, your account will be gone forever. Your dating profile, dating answers, conversations, and matches will be lost. Although your conversations will be deleted, but note, that they won’t be deleted from the other person’s inbox. You cannot delete sent messages or received messages from another person’s inbox.

Lastly, when you delete your dating profile, your Facebook account will not be deleted. But on the other hand, when you delete your Facebook account your dating profile will also be deleted.

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